Superintendent's Update
Volume II : Issue VII
June 17, 2016
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Happy June!

As the school year comes to an end and our students, families and staff prepare for summer, we want to take a moment to highlight and communicate the District's current status regarding our work in facilities.  This message is dedicated to ensuring that our staff, parents and community are updated on the work to date, as well as our future work moving into summer and fall.  
In this Issue:
  • We Highlight the School Facilities Engagement Committee
  • Provide the District's Facilities Master Plan (FMP)
  • Share Our Next Steps
  • Launch Our New School Websites and District App
I want to say a very special THANK YOU to Asst. Superintendent, Business, Christine Fullerton, and Maintenance Supervisor, Joe Hastie, for their leadership and efforts in guiding our facilities work over the last 15 months!

And, as always, t hank you for all that you do to support teaching and learning in our District!  


Mark Johnson, Ed.D.
HIGHLIGHT:  School Facilities Engagement Committee

Recently, the District convened a Student Facilities Engagement Committee comprised of parents, residents, District staff, business owners and community members to share and discuss the District's facilities needs and engage in conversations regarding potential options for funding.

Over the course of four meetings held in the evening from May 2 to May 23, 2016, the following topics were covered:
  1. District Facilities
  2. Funding Options
  3. Community Opinion Research
  4. The Development of a Consensus Report
Collectively, this committee dedicated over 750 hours to learning about the District's facilities and coming to consensus.  

Read the full Consensus Report here.
FOCUS: Facilities Master Plan

Over the last six months, District staff, parents, Trustees, community leaders, and even students have worked together with LPA Architects, Inc. to create a detailed Facilities Master Plan (FMP).  The District's newly developed FMP identifies a vision for the next 10 to 15 years and provides a road map to coordinate short and long-range goals for our school buildings. This has been an incredibly thoughtful and inclusive process and we are extremely grateful to all of our participants in helping us to complete such a detailed and comprehensive plan.  
UPDATE: Facilities...Next Steps

At a recent Workshop, the Board of Trustees gave staff direction to study the feasibility of a school bond that would be placed on the November 2016 ballot.  As indicated in our FMP, Fountain Valley School District has substantial facilities needs and we are working hard to significantly address the air climate and quality needs in our classrooms and school office buildings.  At this time, the District is working with:
  1. Financial Advisor - to study all funding options.
  2. Research Firm -  to conduct a Public Opinion Poll of approximately 400 people who live within FVSD's boundaries.
  3. Legal Counsel - to draft a potential Board Resolution and ballot initiative.
  4. Community Outreach Firm - to help us further our engagement efforts.  
Please know that the Board has made no decision regarding the placement of a bond measure on the November 2016 ballot.  The work described above will help the Board better understand the community's desire to address the District's facilities needs through a local ballot initiative.  
SECOND TIME'S A CHARM: School Web Sites Are Live and FVSD Has a New App!

The App is called Fountain Valley SD by Edlio.  It makes it even easier to keep up to date on the activities and events offered by the District and at each school.  

We are also thrilled that, after almost a year of planning, all ten schools have a new website.  To visit your school's site, enter the name of the school and then .


It will take additional time to completely populate all of the information, but we are confident that the new interface will make your school's site easier to navigate.  

Please take a moment to download the Fountain Valley SD App and bookmark your school's website.  We are committed to improving school to home communication and this is just one more step in the right direction.    

Have a question or a comment you would like to share?  Contact us. We would love to hear from you and value your feedback. 

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