Superintendent's Update
Volume V : Issue IX
May 17, 2019
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Upcoming Events
5.20-5.24:  Classified School Employee Week
5.25:  Marching Band Performance in Strawberry Festival Parade
5.27:  Memorial Day
6.3: Talbert Drama Performance (Cast A)
6.4: Talbert Drama Performance (Cast B)
6.5: Fulton End of the Year Concert Part I
6.5: Masuda End of the Year Concert
6.6: Fulton End of the Year Concert Part II
6.12: Track & Field Tournament @ Fulton
6.12: Talbert End of the Year Concert
6.13: Board Meeting @ District Office
6.18-6.20: Modified Days
6.20: Last Day of School
6.26: School Offices Close to Public
6.27: Board Meeting @ District Office
2019-20 School Year Calendar
2019-20 Tentative School Year Calendar
The 2019-20 School Year Calendar was approved by the Board of Trustees at its March 14th meeting and is available on our site.  Click here to see the dates for next year. 
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Happy Friday!!

May is flying by and the end of the school year will soon be upon us.  And, we are thrilled to share some great things happening throughout our District!!

In this issue, we...
  • Celebrate Students and Parents from Cox and Gisler Schools
  • Honor Mrs. Yilmaz and Mr. Ham at the 7th Annual Language Learners Celebration
  • Recount the Success of an amazing Monster Concert
  • Thank City National Bank and Barnes & Noble
  • Recap a great 17th Annual District Art Show
As always, thank you for all you do to support teaching and learning.  
Mark Johnson, Ed.D.

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HIGHLIGHT: Board Celebrates Students and Parents from Cox and Gisler Schools
Cox and Gisler Board Recognition

At their April meeting, the Board of Trustees had the opportunity to celebrate some outstanding students and dedicated volunteers from Gisler and Cox Schools in an extraordinary evening!  The meeting began with  Girl Scout Troops 3635 and 5241 and Cub Scout Pak 563 leading the Pledge of Allegiance.   Following this, the Board honored and thanked parent volunteers Elizabeth Hindman and Valerica Anaya from Cox School .  And from Gisler School, the Board celebrated and thanked parent volunteers Carrie McCormick and Hanh Nguyen.  

In addition, the Board celebrated the accomplishments and outstanding efforts of some very special students. From Cox School, the Board honored Dan Nguyenkhoa (K), Moussa Mansour (1st), Adriana Le (2nd), Stella Oelschlager (3rd), Quin Hindman (4th) and Junir Masoud (5th).   And from Gisler School, the Board recognized and thanked Colton Simkovich (K), Jasmine Taylor (1st), Norah Padilla (2nd), Kayden Kakuuchi (3rd), Payton Koch (4th), and Jasmine Vo (5th).  Staff, family and the community joined the Board in celebrating the achievements of these incredible students.   For more photos from the evening, visit our  Facebook page, here .
SPOTLIGHT: Sibel Yilmaz and Patrick Ham honored at 7th Annual Language Learner Celebration 
7th Annual Language Learners Celebration
On May 2nd, Plavan 3rd grade teacher Sibel Yilmaz and Cox Principal Patrick Ham were honored at t he Seventh Annual Language Learner Awards Celebration.  Held at the Marconi Museum, the Language Learner Awards Celebration recognized individuals from districts across Orange County who have made significant contributions in promoting success for Language Learners.  Mrs. Yilmaz and Mr. Ham were honored for their leadership in promoting bi-literacy as an educational asset. The event recognized and celebrated the achievements of our Orange County community in meeting the needs of Language Learners and we are honored to have had the opportunity to celebrate the efforts of these two fine leaders.  Thank you Mrs. Yilmaz and Mr. Ham for all that you do for our students!
HIGHLIGHT: Monster Concert a Monster Success with Over 400 FVSD Students Performing!
In May, students from our instrumental music programs joined students from Fountain Valley High School to perform in our annual Monster Concert.  Held in the Fountain Valley High School Gymnasium, Monster Concert is a signature event which celebrates the musical talents of our elementary and middle school students, along with FVHS students.  With over 400 FVSD students performing, this year's concert was the largest performance in our District's history.  FVHS students numbering over 250 from their band, pagentry and orchestra programs brought student participation to over 650.  It was an absolutely wonderful evening in celebration of musical performance and a special thank you goes out to our middle school Music Directors for their work.  Thank you  Mr. Adamiak, Mr. Covacevich, and Mr. Lamantia for taking our music programs to the next level!  In addition, thank you to FVHS Director Mr. Irons and his team for their continued support of our programs.   It is clear that our district is #FVSDDriven to provide our students with an education that is filled with experiences that go well beyond the classroom!  For more photos from the evening, please visit our Facebook page, here
THANK YOU: City National Bank and Barnes & Noble Support Literacy at Cox and Newland Schools and Robotics at Fulton
City National with Cox and Newland
In late April, City National Bank and Barnes & Noble provided generous donations to Cox and Newland Schools.  Each school will be receiving 1,400 books from Barnes & Noble and $5,000 from City National Bank employees to be spent on additional books from Barnes & Noble.  These resources offer an opportunity to greatly improve Cox and Newland's media centers and enrich classroom libraries.  Moreover, City National Bank donated $2,000 to Fulton's robotics program.  This generous support is in addition to the significant donations received by Gisler and Tamura Schools from these partners.  We are so fortunate to have community support from partners like City National Bank and Barnes & Noble.  Thank you for your tremendous dedication to assisting us to provide better resources for our students!
SPOTLIGHT: 17th Annual District Art Show a True Masterpiece!
17th Annual District Art Show
On April 23rd, the FVSD Community came together in celebration of the visual and performing arts at our 17th Annual District Art Show.  With well over 2,000 in attendance, the event was filled with students, staff and families.  Students enjoyed hands on art stations, showing off their artwork to family, and great food from our food trucks.  In addition, the evening included outstanding performances from each of our middle school choirs.  W e had more than 500  art  pieces on display, representing students from preschool through eighth grade and, over 100 students performed for our community.  A huge thank you to our Site Art Representatives and our band/choir teachers whose many months of work made the evening possible:  Emi Allen (Courreges),  Sarah Hughes (Cox),  Heather Kurtz (Fulton),  Ariana Priest (Gisler),  Sara Wadhwani (Masuda),  Kelly Blanchard (Newland),  Debbe Stair (Oka),  Jill Summerhays (Plavan),  Brooke James (Talbert),  Rebecca Kim (Tamura) and  Jill Martin & Rena Bonifay (Preschools),  Rob Covacevich (Masuda),  Jeremy LaMantia (Fulton), and  Sean Adamiak (Talbert).  In addition, I would like to thank our Maintenance and Operations Division: Steve Benner, Gordon Llanos, Sam Koser, Brandon Gordon, Dan Brown and Joe Hastie.  Lastly, a very special THANK YOU goes out to Elena MacDonald for leading and coordinating a successful show.  And, Rina Lucchese, Hermine Burns, Irazmi Perez, Joy Moyers and Susan Castellanos are always there to support our efforts!  For photos from the evening, please visit our Facebook page, here.
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FVSD Driven
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