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Superintendent's Update
Volume VI : Issue III
October 3, 2019
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Upcoming Events
10.10: FVSD Board Meeting @ 6:30PM
10.17: Great CA Shake Out
10.18: Mid Trimester
10.28:  FVSF Marc Ecker Golf Classic @ Mile Square
10.28-11.1: Parent Conferences
11.7:  FVSD Board Meeting @ 6:30PM
11.8:  Staff Development (Non-Student Day)
11.11: Veterans' Day Observed
11.25-29: Thanksgiving Recess
12.6: End of First Trimester
FYI:  Science and History Material Adoption Pilots Letters
Our District is in the process of reviewing elementary and middle school science, as well as middle school history materials.  The materials under consideration include state-adopted items approved by the CA State Board of Education.  The following letters went home to elementary and middle school parents. For more information regarding the material adoption pilots, please click below:

2019-20 School Year Calendar
2019-20 Tentative School Year Calendar
The 2019-20 School Year Calendar was approved by the Board of Trustees at its March 14th meeting and is available on our site.  Click here to see the dates for this year. 
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Happy Thursday!

With the beginning of October, our schools are in full swing and it is exciting to share some of the recent events happening throughout our school district.  In this issue, we...
  • Share a video of our recent school tours (this is new)!!!
  • Invite you to join the Schools Foundation Golf Tournament.
  • Highlight the amazing work in professional development with our TK, K and 1st grade teachers.
  • Continue our series on FVSD History!! 
As always, thank you for everything you do to support teaching and learning in our District.  
Mark Johnson, Ed.D.

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HIGHLIGHT: Join our Board of Trustees as They Visit Plavan, Talbert, Courreges and Newland Schools
Visits to Plavan, Talbert, Courreges & Newland
Visits to Plavan, Talbert, Courreges & Newland

Over the past two weeks, our Board of Trustees has visited four of our District's amazing schools.  This year, we are excited to share  SCHOOL TOUR VIDEOS, as part of our  ongoing efforts to communicate with our staff, families and community!  When we visit the school sites, we observe so many wonderful things and we  want to share these special moments with you.  Throughout the year, we will continue to highlight the very best FVSD has to offer its families and we hope you enjoy being a part of it.  A giant THANK YOU
goes out to our teachers, support staff and administrators for the work they do with our students.  And, another large THANK YOU goes out to our families who send us some of the most kind and talented kiddos!!  Join us as we stop by Plavan, Talbert, Courreges and Newland Schools because, as always, it was a great day at school today!
JOIN US: FVSF Marc Ecker Golf Classic October 28th
Marc Ecker Golf Classic 2019

Join us on Monday, October 28th in support of our FV Schools Foundation for the Marc Ecker Golf Classic at Mile Square Park.  This annual fundraising event supports the many educational programs our Foundation has dedicated their efforts to for the benefit of all of our students.   Click here to learn more, register and support our students and schools as a sponsor. 
SPOTLIGHT: Professional Development for TK/K and 1st Grade
PD TK K 1st Data

For the past five years, FVSD elementary teachers have undergone intensive professional development in math and English Language Arts. Specifically, our teachers have learned to implement instructional strategies in Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) and Balanced Literacy.  Both of these instructional practices allow students to express their learning through a variety of strategies, while giving our teachers information to target the needs of ALL students.  

This week, all of our TK/K and 1st grade teachers met in grade level teams to review this year's student data, while also collaborating on how to meet the diverse needs of their students.  Each day was facilitated by our lead district level teachers, and supported with student data by our Educational Services Division.  We are so proud of all the work our teachers have done together across the district to learn from each other, use data to better know their students, and create learning spaces where students from intervention to enrichment can thrive!
This Is #TheFVSDWay:  Fun Facts from FVSD
 Dr. Ed Beaubier
As we celebrate the rich history of our District as a part of #TheFVSDWay, we are honored to share some of the interesting facts and events from our nearly 150 years.

In 1962, Dr. Ed Beaubier was chosen to be Superintendent of the Fountain Valley School District.  Under his leadership from 1962 to 1969, the District saw outstanding growth, from only one school and 235 students to ten schools in 1969 and more than 6,700 students.  That's a 2,580% increase in only seven years!  

Under Dr. Beaubier's guidance, Fountain Valley School District became a model for innovation in education and was named a demonstrative district by the National Education Administration in 1966.  In addition, the district was celebrated for cutting edge efforts in individualized instruction, learning centers and coordinators, paraprofessional support and the use of manipulatives.  Moreover, FVSD was featured in the US Office of Education's film, The Cutting Edge of Teaching and the Kettering Foundation's Making a Mighty Reach.  And, it is noted in the US Congressional Record by the Honorable Richard T. Hana of California that the Fountain Valley School District is to be recognized for their innovation, leadership, buildings, instructional programs, coordinating teachers, support personnel and curriculum materials center.  So cool!

Dr. Beaubier saw the District as a guiding light in education and we became the Lighthouse District under his leadership.  He welcomed visitors from across the country to see the amazing work educators were doing for students in FVSD.  This innovative spirit and passion for teaching and learning is still thriving today, because after all, that is #TheFVSDWay.
TAG IT:  Join Us in Celebrating The FVSD Way!
The FVSD Way
As noted above, our theme for 2019-20 is The FVSD Way!  We have taken the time to study our history, analyze the present and continue planning for the futre.   We hope that you will join us in documenting how you celebrate "The FVSD Way" by capturing the amazing moments in our schools and tagging your photos on social media #TheFVSDWay  #FVSDDriven #WeHeartFVSD.
Have a question or a comment you would like to share?  Contact us. We would love to hear from you and value your feedback. 

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