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Superintendent's Update
Volume VI : Issue V
November 20, 2019
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Upcoming Events
11.25-29:  Thanksgiving Recess
12.6: End of First Trimester
12.19: FVSD Annual Organizational Board Meeting 6:30PM @ Board Room
12.23-1.5: Winter Recess
1.20: MLK Day
1.27: Staff Development Day/Non-Student Day #3
2.5: Middle School Volleyball Tournament @ Fulton
2.7: Mid Trimester
2.10: Lincoln's Birthday Holiday
2.17: Presidents' Day Holiday
2.19-2.21: Parent/Teacher
FYI:  Science and History Material Adoption Pilots Letters
Our District is in the process of reviewing elementary and middle school science, as well as middle school history materials.  The materials under consideration include state-adopted items approved by the CA State Board of Education.  The following letters went home to elementary and middle school parents. For more information regarding the material adoption pilots, please click below:

2019-20 School Year Calendar
2019-20 Tentative School Year Calendar
The 2019-20 School Year Calendar was approved by the Board of Trustees at its March 14th meeting and is available on our site.  Click here to see the dates for this year. 
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Happy Wednesday!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving Break, things are still in full swing in FVSD!  Our District continues to be an exciting place to learn and work and we hope you enjoy celebrating some of the amazing events going on in our schools and district.  In this issue, we...
  • Share the success of our Professional Development Day dedicated to School Safety
  • Check out our Preschool Early Literacy Storytime Program
  • Highlight a visit to some of our Hall of Famers
  • Continue our series on FVSD History!! 
As always, thank you for everything you do to support teaching and learning in our District.  
Mark Johnson, Ed.D.

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SPOTLIGHT: A Focus on Safety in FVSD at November 8th Professional Development Day
Safety Day in FVSD

While students enjoyed the start of a 4-day weekend on November 8th, over 650 FVSD employees participated in a professional development day dedicated to school safety.  Based upon the recommendations of the Safe Schools Task Force, the District provided training for employees on emergency life-saving measures, Stop the Bleed, and implemented a district-wide emergency communication system, Titan HST. 

Stop the Bleed is a national campaign initiated by the American College of Surgeons to provide educators with essential, life-saving skills to help prevent loss of life, due to severe bleeding.  Staff received hands-on Stop the Bleed instruction from certified trainers from FV Fire, Children's Hospital of Orange County, UCI and FV Regional Hospital. 

Moreover, staff was trained on Titan HST, an app-based, two-way, emergency communication system which leverages the latest technology to empower information sharing among staff members in the event of an emergency.  Titan HST allows administrators to receive emergency alerts from staff, lockdown campus, request safety updates, and maintain constant communication with staff during a crisis. This program will be implemented with all FVSD families in late January or early February.

In addition to Stop the Bleed and Titan HST training, staff at every school site inventoried their emergency bin resources, reviewed disaster plans and participated in a tabletop intruder drill.  FVSD prides itself on providing students and staff a safe, secure learning environment.  We are so pleased to share that our district-wide professional development day focused on school safety was a great success!
HIGHLIGHT: FVSD Preschools Continue to Do Amazing Work!
Preschool Literacy

We are fortunate to have outstanding preschools at each of our seven elementary campuses.  These Child Development Centers (CDC) and State Preschool programs offer our three & four-year-olds a unique advantage in preparing for kindergarten.  And, the programs offered during the preschool day continue to improve, including the expansion of the Early Literacy Storytime Program.  Through this pilot program, twice monthly preschoolers in CDC at Plavan, Cox and Newland enjoy a thirty minute visit to their school library presented in "storytime" style.  Preschoolers hear two to three books and participate in songs, actions, and/or crafts, presented by our Library Media Technicians.  This program is just one more way that our CDC programs support early literacy.  Preschoolers enjoy their field trip to the school library and also benefit from seeing reading as an enjoyable activity; become increasingly aware of letters and sounds; gain access to a rich vocabulary; are encouraged to tell stories that follow a sequence of events; and, become more aware of the rich print environments around them.  An exciting and beneficial adventure for our youngest learners indeed!
SPOTLIGHT: Join us for a visit with some of our Hall of Famers at Oka, Fulton Middle, Newland, Courreges and Plavan Schools
A Visit to some of our Hall of Famers at Oka, Fulton, Newland, Courreges and Plavan
A Visit to some of our Hall of Famers at Oka, Fulton, Newland, Courreges and Plavan

As fall transitions to winter, we took a moment to visit some of our Hall of Famers at Oka, Fulton Middle, Newland, Courreges and Plavan Schools.  We continue to be excited to share  SCHOOL TOUR VIDEOS, as part of our  ongoing efforts to communicate with our staff, families and community!  When we visit the school sites, we observe so many wonderful things and we  want to share these special moments with you.  Throughout the year, we will continue to highlight the very best FVSD has to offer its families and we hope you enjoy being a part of it.  A giant THANK YOU
goes out to our teachers, support staff and administrators for the work they do with our students.  And, another large THANK YOU goes out to our families who send us some of the most kind and talented kiddos!!
This Is #TheFVSDWay:  Fun Facts from FVSD
  Middle School in the 1980s
As we celebrate the rich history of our District as a part of #TheFVSDWay, we are honored to share some of the interesting facts and events from our nearly 150 years.

In 1982, the Fountain Valley School District Board of Trustees began to reexamine the concept of middle schools.  Prior to this, all of our schools were K-8 schools, serving children from kindergarten through eighth grade.  In 1982, Talbert School became Talbert Middle School, the first middle school in FVSD.  Soon to follow were Masuda in 1984 and Fulton in 1985.  And pictured above is our own Dr. Marc Ecker, beloved former Superintendent, during the early days of his career with the District, as principal at Masuda Middle School in 1984.  A favorite story is of the Masuda custodian stopping Dr. Ecker while on campus outside of school hours because he thought he was a student.  He has always been blessed to look young!  You gotta love him for that!!

Today, our middle schools offer students a bridge from elementary to high school.  And each of our middle schools have been honored as a California Distinguished School, as well as a California Gold Ribbon School!  Because that is #TheFVSDWay.
TAG IT:  Join Us in Celebrating The FVSD Way!
The FVSD Way
As noted above, our theme for 2019-20 is The FVSD Way!  We have taken the time to study our history, analyze the present and continue planning for the futre.   We hope that you will join us in documenting how you celebrate "The FVSD Way" by capturing the amazing moments in our schools and tagging your photos on social media #TheFVSDWay  #FVSDDriven #WeHeartFVSD.
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