Graphic Novels, Just as Prominent as Ever, Continue to Fascinate Readers with Colorful Artwork and In-Depth Stories.
A "first" in the field, the Critical Survey of Graphic Novels series focuses on all aspects of the graphic novels genre, aiming to establish it as an important academic discipline and research topic in libraries. Designed for academic institutions, high schools, and public libraries, the series provides unique insight into the stories and themes expressed in both the historic and current landscape of the graphic novel medium.
Critical Survey of Graphic Novels:
Heroes & Superheroes, 2nd Edition
"Well-organized and very intuitive. The entries, written by over forty contributors, are of a consistently high quality, offering analysis and criticism that is both insightful and accessible. The diversity of titles covered is also quite impressive...It contains more detailed analysis and interpretation of important stories, thereby providing support for in depth research." - RUSA
Heroes & Superheroes, 2nd Edition provides in-depth insight into more than 140 of the most popular and studied graphic novels. Researchers will be familiar with the characters and stories included in this collection, but will gain a deeper, new understanding, as the literary nature of the stories is presented in critical format by leading writers in this field of study.

This new edition includes a wide range of characters, from classics such as Batman and Superman, to the #1 ranked superhero, Spiderman, and more recent characters - Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Thor, and more. Essays look beyond 'pop culture' aspects of the medium to show the wide range of literary themes and artistic styles used to convey beliefs and conflicts. The essays are arranged alphabetically and begin with reference top matter, simplifying research. The main text includes Publication History, Plot, Volumes, Characters, Artistic Style, Themes, and Impact. Many images support the text. Volume 2 contains a number of helpful resources and finding guides, including bibliography, guide to online resources, timeline, major awards, works by artist, and works by authors.
September 2018
ISBN: 978-1-68217-908-6
Price: $295
Critical Survey of Graphic Novels:
Manga, 2nd Edition
"This work analyzes manga's most important titles to give English-speaking, Western readers a fuller image of what manga is, both through its history and in the present. Although necessarily scholarly, it is easy to read, free of academic language and convoluted sentences, and is useful to researchers in high school and beyond. Recommended." - Library Journal
October 2018
ISBN: 978-1-68217-912-3
Price: $195
This second edition of Manga provides in-depth insight into more than 70 of the most popular and studied manga graphic novels, ranging from metaseries like Dragonball to stand-alone books.

This single-volume focuses on translated works that have been particularly influential in the development of the manga tradition. This new edition includes classics such as 20th Century Boys, Akira, Astro Boy and Uzumaki as well as more recent manga works, like Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland).

Often defined by stylized line work, cultural-specific narratives and compelling storytelling, often in contrast to the character-centric framework of American comics, manga encompasses a broad range of genres and subgenres, including Ecchi anime, Haren anime, and Yuri. Each essay, presented in critical format by leading writers in the field, shows the wide range of literary themes and dynamic artistic styles inherent in the manga format.
Every manga work discussed includes: publication history; short biography of the title's creator; detailed plot summary; list of characters; description of artistic style; theme analysis; and bibliography with suggestions for further reading. This work also contains several helpful appendices, including a general bibliography, timeline, indexes of works by artist, author and publishers, and a general index.
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Critical Survey of Graphic Novels:
History, Theme & Technique, 2nd Edition
"This impeccable reference work will prove useful to librarians and fans wanting to know what to buy as well as for scholars studying the medium."- Library Journal
February 2019
ISBN: 978-1-68217-911-6
Price: $195
This new edition contains over 75 essays covering the wide range of themes and concepts in graphic novels. It includes genres, time periods, foreign language traditions, social relevance, and craftsmanship. In addition to insight into various specific aspects of the development of graphic novels, such as storytelling, lettering, inking, and illustration styles, this volume covers production and distribution of graphic novels and the significance and history of comic book conventions. The diverse and varied content of this volume also covers issues on readership and literacy, library collection development, and censorship. The new articles in this edition include:
  • Digital comics
  • Graphic novel creators coming from other fields
  • Comic conventions and festivals
  • Changing representation of women in comics
  • Comics to audio books; comics to film
  • Female graphic novelists
  • Comics scholarship
This new edition provides readers with a solid understanding of the history of graphic novels alongside new information about themes and techniques used in this expanding genre. As graphic novels grow in popularity, this series becomes an important acquisition for public libraries, high schools and undergraduate literature collections.
Critical Survey of Graphic Novels:
Independent & Underground Classics, 2nd Edition
"With a focus on independent and underground publications now considered influential classics, this 3-volume reference offers readers a thorough and stimulating introduction to the genre." - Research Book News
This new edition of Independents & Underground Classics offers nearly 250 essays covering graphic novels and core comics series, focusing on the independents and underground genre that form today's canon for academic coursework and library collections. While there is very little "underground" aspect of this genre, this independent collection has seen remarkable growth since the previous edition. New titles added include:
  • Boxers & Saints, Gene Yang
  • Day Tripper, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon
  • My Favorite Thing is Monsters, Emil Ferris
  • This One Summer, Marika Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki
  • Marbles, Mania, Depression, Michelangelo and Me, Ellen Forney
  • Paying for It, Chester Brown
  • The Best We Could Do, Thi Bui
  • Young Frances, Hartley Lin
March 2019
ISBN: 978-1-68217-913-0
Price: $395
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