Four Perfect Pebbles - Now in Hebrew!

I am delighted and thrilled that Four Perfect Pebbles, my Holocaust memoir,            co-authored by Lila Perl, has now been published in Hebrew by Yad Vashem, Israel's official Holocaust museum, under the title   ארבע אבנים מושלמות - literally "four complete stones"  I am pleased that Israeli youth will be able to read my story in their native language. Thank you to Yad Vashem Publications for doing an excellent translation, with a most striking and meaningful book cover design. 

The book can be purchased by going to either one of these 2 sites:
Who would have ever thought that F our Perfect Pebbles would one day appear in 5 languages? English, Dutch, German, Japanese, and now Hebrew. Certainly, not me!            
Now it would be wonderful if a Spanish edition can be published. It is said that 50 million people right here in our own USA read and speak Spanish!

In just a few short years, we will not be here any longer to give a first-hand account, and therefore I maintain a rigorous and arduous schedule. Just these past 6 months, January through June, 2016, I have presented 95 times in 11 states, including Iowa on 2 occasions.

Nathaniel & I are enjoying a relaxing summer, getting our home back in order, and also getting ready for what we expect will be an active and full fall 2016 and spring 2017.
Wishing you, too, a relaxing and invigorating summer - and a sincere hope for a peaceful world!

Hugs, Marion   


Marion Blumenthal Lazan
Four Perfect Pebbles
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