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Video-Game Marathon Raises Over $1.5 Million


A small nonprofit open to trying something new recently collected more than $1.5 million in donations by participating in the semiannual "Awesome Games Done Quick" video-game marathon. The Prevent Cancer Foundation provided marketing and staff support, as well as food for gamers, at the marathon, which was held over six days in Washington, D.C...(Read More) 


"We have worked with Gilbert for a number of years and their professionalism, knowledge, responsiveness and competitive pricing has made us believers!" 
- California Forward


MARCH 2015


We all know that the board of directors makes crucial financial, legal and strategic decisions on a regular basis. This decision making doesn't always need to be up-close and personal and in the same room, at the same table. Going virtual might allow members to attend meetings that they otherwise couldn't. 


Many nonprofits hold virtual board meetings via phone and online tools. There are many benefits, obstacles and preparations that should be considered when making the switch and we explore them so that you can make the best decisions for your organization. 

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Take "Macro Advantage" of Micro-Donations: 4 Tips

The first successful U.S. micro-donation effort may have been in 1891 when a Salvation Army captain put a kettle out on a San Francisco street and collected donations to fund a Christmas dinner for the poor. Micro-donations have morphed in many ways since then, involving small-sum donations made via checkbooks, credit cards and, in more recent years, website links, text messages and other "new technology" tools. 

How successful your charity will be in following the micro-donation tradition depends on many factors, including the economy, marketing ingenuity, ease of making donations and security controls. Here are four suggestions for making those small potatoes...(Read More) 

Soliciting Funds Out of State?

Form 990 Disclosure Pumps up the Urgency of State Registration


For years Anytown, USA, Charity has asked for donations from out-of-state residents. This started on a small scale - a handful of the charity's donors retired in other states or lived there part of the year.

Now the charity has begun to reach out to hundreds of potential contributors in multiple states.

The Internet makes it easy and inexpensive for the not-for-profit to solicit funds outside of its backyard. But along with this expansion comes the need for registration in additional states...(Read More)

Virtual Board Meetings: Face-to-Face Not Always the Case 

Your nonprofit's board of directors makes crucial financial, legal and strategic decisions on a regular basis. But this decision making doesn't always need to be performed up-close and personal in the same room, at the same table. Many not-for-profits hold virtual board meetings via phone and online tools. This approach has plenty of appeal, although it may not suit every board and every board meeting.


As anyone involved in nonprofit management knows, it can be difficult to secure full board meeting attendance ...(Read More)