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Cultivating Leadership                                                                          October 2016
Four lessons from the field about leading in complexity

Mark Striebeck is a participant in one of our leadership programs, and he is teaching me a lot about complexity. A tall, handsome, and thoughtful engineer, he has approached learning about leadership and complexity with the intelligence and determination that has brought him to an interesting and challenging role as a senior leader at a large global tech company which was itself founded on complexity ideas.
As he has been learning about leading in complexity, Mark has taught me four core lessons that I thought might be helpful for us all about how to keep new ideas alive, how to make sense of what to hold on to, what to let go of, and how to get noticed as leader who thrives in complexity by making other people better--even when sometimes that means not getting credit.   
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Interested in figuring out how to help leaders (you and those around you) thrive in complexity? In this beta workshop we'll explore tools and practices for listening and intervening in complex systems.  Whether you've taken all of our workshops or none of them, come join us at the Coaching for Complexity workshop. You can read a little about the first running of that workshop here, and join Jennifer and Keith in Wellington 23-25 November. Only a few spaces left! (Thanks to the last Coaching for Complexity crew for their pictures above!)

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Could Trump be (accidentally) great for feminism? How basins of attraction can help us understand this crazy election

Keith says: Trump has got into a big hole with his recorded comments about being able to force himself onto women at will. I have been wondering what all this does to the feminist cause.  Is it possible that Donald Trump is providing an accidental and belated push for feminism?  And what does the theory of attractors, basins of attraction, and landscapes of attraction have to offer about the dynamics of this situation?
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