Join me for one or all of my upcoming seminars!
  • March 7, 14, 21: Travel Photography Seminar - Paul's Camera 
  • April 6 & 7: Thoughtful Traveler - Nevada Wier & Eddie Soloway - Santa Fe Workshops
  • April 17: Making the Invisible Visible - Art of Photography Conference -
  • April 24 & 25: Introduction to Color Infrared - Nobechi Creative

March 7, 14, & 21, 2021
in conjunction with   Paul's Camera Photo Creative Academy

Travel photography requires the combination of technical expertise, culture competence, intuitive awareness, curiosity, and a dash of panache. Nevada shares three of her iconic lectures on light, creativity, color, and photographing people while weaving stories from her 40+ career exploring the far corners of the globe. 

Sunday March 7, 2021 (10AM  - 12PM PST)
In this first session Nevada focuses on how to photograph at all times of the day (or night), even in some of the harshest light, to create beautiful images you know exist and your mind imagines, but your technical expertise is lacking. Primarily she will be discussing working in natural light but will also give you tips on how to use one flash on your camera in the field, and Nevada will explain her approach to infrared photography.

Sunday March 14, 2021 (10AM  - 12PM PST)
Nevada tackles the challenge of photographing with creative intent while on the move. She will be discussing ways to see "photographically" in order to elevate your aesthetic vision. Analyzing her images, Nevada will explain the technical know-how and creative vision to make an image that rises above the usual travel clich├ęs.

Sunday March 21, 2021 (10AM  - 12PM PST)
Color is very seductive and nuanced. In the first part of this session Nevada will explore how to use color effectively and powerfully. Lastly, Nevada discusses how to approach and photograph people in foreign lands to create natural, respectful, and unique portraits and environmental portraits.

TUITON: All three sessions $149; individual sessions $59


Santa Fe Workshops Online
with Nevada Wier and Eddie Soloway

Tuesday April 6 & Thursday April 8, 2021


Nevada Wier and Eddie Soloway share a love for wild and remote travel destinations. Eddie makes a point of seeking out blank spots on the map, while Nevada passionately explores cultures far removed from our fast-paced world. For two evenings online, these two friends share stories, photographs, and practical advice, comparing notes on an engaging array of personal travel topics.
Through photographic presentations and conversations, Eddie and Nevada chart the evolution of their aesthetic visions and examine the fluid demands of making photographs in the moment. Seeing deeply amidst the chaos and sometimes stillness of a place is essential for a thoughtful travel adventure. Equally important is the ability to tread lightly on the land and, if possible, to return periodically to a special location to deepen your connections. They touch on topics such as nonverbal communication, overcoming preconceived notions, and how to create evocative images that speak from your heart.
They also delve into the process of preparation for a thoughtful photographic journey, determining where to look, how to look, what to avoid, and which equipment to carry. They also take time to reflect on the experience of living through 2020, taking stock of the gifts received and the lessons learned, including the ability to embrace Plan B.
This lecture format class will meet 6:00 - 8:00 pm (Mountain Time) on Tuesday, April 6 and Thursday, April 8 (two online group sessions).
TUITION   $295


Featuring 16 photographers - live 12 hour conference
10am-10pm British Standard Time

8pm London Time/ 1pm MST
all sessions - watch after the event
Save 10% with discount code: apc21-nw
Fee: $97


a weekend ZOOM ONLINE SEMINAR with Nevada Wier - Round 6!

This seminar is designed for people who are interested in discovering the beauty of color infrared photography. All sessions will be recorded and made available to view for participants on a private video channel at any time. You do not need to own a converted infrared camera to take this course.
Limited to 25 participants
Three live ZOOM sessions - 1 1/2 hours long.
Saturday, April 24  (10-11:30am MST) and Saturday, April 24  (2-3:30pm MST)
Sunday, April 25  (2-3:30pm)

Infrared photography is a way of creating images with a camera converted to reveal the invisible near-infrared wavelengths falling on your subject and mapping them to tones that humans can perceive - in superior words, visual poetry! Long-time infrared experimenter and specialist Nevada Wier will guide you in the process of studying this technique, as you move beyond your usual methods of photographing and discover a new way of seeing the world. Infrared is not only ideal for creating dreamy, surreal landscapes, but it's also lovely for portrait and still life photography. You will learn how to visualize a scene in infrared light, achieve optimum white balance, and begin understanding post-processing for faux color images that are ethereal and compelling.
In this series of seminars, Nevada introduces you to the basics of digital infrared photography, geared towards photographers working in RAW, who have working knowledge of Lightroom Classic or Photoshop CC. You do not need to have an infrared camera for this seminar series, in fact this seminar should help you decide what camera and conversion is best for you. However, if you do already have an IR camera, all the better for getting started on your infrared journey! 

Overview and orientation to Infrared Photography. The topics include: Choosing a camera and conversion; understanding custom white balance for IR; what lenses to use; understanding exposure for IR; how to work in different lighting and environmental conditions; skin tones, tattoos, and flash with IR.

Nevada will demonstrate: how to make a profile for your custom white balance to use in Lightroom Classic and/or Photoshop CC; how to create a Develop Preset for importing your images into Lightroom; why you might consider your proprietary RAW processor; Basic raw processing and hotspot correction. 

Nevada will continue with the demonstrations on: how to swap channels in Photoshop CC; how to create a LUT (Lookup Table) to use in Lightroom and Photoshop ACR to swap channels in RAW processing; the next step in infrared processing and color tinting.

TUITION: $450  Limited to only 25 participants, so that Nevada will be able to address questions and have more of a conversation. Infrared photography tends to invite any questions. 
Once you sign up for the seminar series, Nevada will send a letter and pre-seminar information to help you prepare. Detailed handouts will be provided.


Facebook: nevada wier
Nevada Wier Photography, PO Box 8032, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504