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Four years ago this month, Valhalla Boatworks (VBW) pulled the very first V Series center console hull from its mold – a Shimmering Blue V-37 (above). Since then, VBW has gone on to build and deliver nearly 400 boats across five different models ranging from 33 to 55 feet. Wow.

Left: “I remember it like it was yesterday,” says Viking Vice President of Design & Engineering Lonni Rutt (white shirt), standing alongside Sean Healey, as the hull was transferred to its cradle at Viking Mullica. “We knew this was a major milestone, and there would be many more to come.” Right: Justin Healey takes a look at the patented double-stepped design from Michael Peters Yacht Design – the breakthrough running surface for all five Valhalla models.

From left: Viking Mullica General Manager John Leek IV, Sean Healey, Lonni Rutt and Justin Healey.

There certainly was a lot of attention given to that first V-37 (left), but it was one of three models that Valhalla Boatworks premiered at the 2019 Dealer Meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

With the trio of game-changing V Series center consoles – the V-33, V-37 and V-41Viking and VBW had entered the center console market with a bang – heard loud and clear throughout the industry.

The Valhalla 46 followed 18 months later (amidst the challenges of the pandemic), solidifying VBW as the top choice for high-performance premium center consoles from 33 to 46 feet.

And now Valhalla has pushed the envelope again, conquering new ground in the Viking tradition with the revolutionary V-55.

“This is a statement boat – and there is nothing like it on the market,” Viking Yachts President and CEO Pat Healey told the media during the premiere of the V-55 at the 2023 Miami International Boat Show. “We’re setting a new standard by bringing together the qualities of a large center console and a luxury sportfishing yacht. In every way, this boat goes above and beyond. We’ve raised the bar by following our mantra of building a better boat every day.”

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