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We are delighted to announce the addition of a new member to the Fourtec family. Mr. Meni Itzhak, Fourtec's new VP R&D and Technologies. We thought this is a good opportunity to get to know Meni a little better. You can read a more detailed bio and a brief interview later in this newsletter. So please help us give him a warm welcome.

In this issue we also present a case study from the museum sector,  displaying the implementation of the DataNet solution in the storage area of the museum. The system is used to monitor the temperature and relative humidity of the museum collections while in storage, to enable rapid response in case of a malfunction in the cooling or drying systems.  
In addition, we link to an interesting news item explaining how the Asia Pacific healthcare cold chain logistics market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 12% during 2013-2017. 
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Meet Meni, our New VP R&D and Technologies 


Meni Itzhak
A picture of Meni taken at Double Top Mountain in Maine, USA
Fourtec is delighted to announce the addition of Meni Itzhak to our team.
He takes on  the key position of Vice President of R&D and Technologies.
Meni will be leading our R&D department in planning and developing Fourtec's next generation of products, while helping to integrate innovative, application-relevant technologies into our data acquisition solutions. Prior to joining Fourtec, Meni held an executive R&D managerial position at Orsan Medical Technologies, a medical devices startup which developed a cerebral perfusion monitor. In addition, Meni has over 16 years of R&D experience with leading global companies including SanDisk and RAD.

We asked Meni a couple of questions in order to get to know him a little better.
How do you feel about working at Fourtec?    
"I'm very excited to be joining Fourtec, an internationally established company developing, manufacturing and marketing industrial data logging solutions to growing markets around the world. I'm really looking forward to helping Fourtec achieve its goals for 2013 and beyond, using cutting-edge technologies to provide our customers with an industry-leading user experience."

Please name a few of your hobbies and tell us what you like to do in your spare time.
"I'm a certified personal trainer and indoor cycling trainer. I like sports and practice several different kinds of sport on a regular basis. I enjoy hiking, especially mountain hiking, and love spending time with my family. "

We are proud to have a man with Meni's qualities on-board and firmly believe he will make a significant contribution to Fourtec's success.

Good luck Meni! 
DataNet Solution - Monitoring a Museum's Stored Collection

Application:  Museum temperature and humidity monitoring Museum Case Study



Museums aspire to ensure the long-term safety and preservation of their collections while on display as well as while kept in storage. In order to achieve this goal, museums need to monitor and control the temperature and relative humidity in the museum and in the storage area. Improper environmental levels may harm the artefacts due to deterioration of the art exhibits at significantly greater rates. 


About the Customer:  

The museum on which this case study is based is a multidisciplinary (historical, anthropological and archaeological) national museum. It organizes its artefacts in a variety of exhibition pavilions. Each pavilion is dedicated to a different subject: glassware, ceramics, coins and copper in addition to a planetarium.   
DataNet Implementation: 
The installation comprised three Mini DataNet DNL810-BXT loggers measuring temperature and relative humidity, in addition to one DNR900 Receiver. The administrator computer is located at the conservation lab, which is in another building distanced 100 meters away. The distance issue was solved by connecting the Receiver to the museum's LAN network (USB over IP). Data is sampled and transmitted to the central computer in the conservation lab. When data crosses the pre-defined thresholds, alarm notifications are sent to the control room, and SMS alerts are also applied, allowing technicians and security personnel to immediately address issues that arise.


Market News

Cold Chain Asia Pacific healthcare cold chain logistics market likely to grow  


Published: Friday, April 12, 2013

Source: PR.COM 


IMARC Group, one of the world's leading research and advisory firms, finds that the total market for healthcare cold chain logistic services in the Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% during 2013-2017.



In addition they state that due to the strong growth of the bio-pharmaceuticals, vaccines and clinical trials outsourcing markets, the Asia Pacific region is expected to account for nearly 30% of the global healthcare cold chain logistics market by 2017.

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April 2013
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Tip of the Month

DataNet's Substitute Receiver Mode


In the event that the Receiver managing your DataNet network fails to operate for any reason, the network will go offline. It will not be able to function as an online monitoring system.

However, if you have a DNR900 Repeater connected to the network, you will be able to restore network functionality i.e. transmission of data between the loggers and the DataSuite software, This is possible by using the Repeater to temporarily replace the Receiver. In this scenario, the Repeater is defined as a Substitute Receiver, maintaining the original network ID, and full Receiver functionality except for the ability to add new loggers to the network. Until the original Receiver is replaced, this feature provides an excellent backup enabling continuous data transfer preventing the time consuming task of moving all devices to a new network.

To enable Substitute Receiver mode:

1. Ensure the original network DNR900 Receiver is switched off.

2. Connect the Repeater to the PC via mini-USB cable.

3. Right-click the Repeater icon and select Go to Substitute Receiver mode from the menu.

4. The Repeater's LCD screen will display Sub Receiver and the network ID.
5. To return the Substitute Receiver to standard Repeater mode, select Change unit type to Repeater from the device menu.
For more information please contact