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In our May newsletter issue we present a new case study, describing how Fourtec's MicroLogPRO II temperature and humidity logger is used to provide comprehensive information about the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) environment during a 3.5 day study of four classrooms in an international school in Singapore. This is an extremely important application as IAQ in schools can have a major influence on kids' well-being. 


Additionally, we are sharing an interview given by Fourtec's Product Manager, Ilan Citrin to Cool Supply System & Solutions as part of a webinar they produced.


In our regular Market News slot we have two news items focusing on the Cold Chain market in India. The first item links to a research report regarding the cold chain logistics in India from 2014-2017. This report anticipates that the Indian cold chain sector will cross the $10 billion mark in the next four years. The second item presents a new portable vaccine cooler for last mile connectivity in the cold chain  designed by a student from the National Institute of Design in India.  


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MicroLogPRO II - For Investigative Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 


Application: HVAC system monitoring and validation  
Organization: International K-12 school in Singapore  
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in schools may have an important influence on kids' well-being. Four factors determine IAQ in schools: source of indoor air pollution, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems (HVAC), pollutant pathways and the people themselves. Failure to prevent or respond promptly and effectively to IAQ problems may cause serious health, cost and educational consequences such as: increasing the potential for long-term health problems for students and staff; affecting the students learning environment, comfort and attendance; reducing performance of teachers and staff because of discomfort, sickness; accelerating deterioration and reducing efficiency of the school physical plant and equipment.  Thermal conditions - temperature and relative humidity constitute the thermal environment and play an important part in the school environment. Data loggers can be used for investigating IAQ in schools by locating the source of the problem and finding the suitable corrective solution. 
About the Customer:

An International school in Singapore established more than 40 years ago. This school is recognised as one of the leading international schools in the world and offers a mission-driven, values-based international education to students from more than 70 nationalities. It is a K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade) school, with multiple campuses and nearly 6,000 students. 


Fourtec's Webinar  


Fourtec's Product Manager, Ilan Citrin, was interviewed for a Webinar produced  by Cool Supply System & Solutions as part of their 4th annual symposium. In this Webinar, Ilan presents Fourtec's data logging solutions, with emphasis on users' benefits and a description of how our data logging systems support various applications throughout the cold chain and a wide range of other industrial applications, including pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, warehousing, transportation and many more. We hope you will find it informative and helpful in optimizing Fourtec solutions to your specific needs.


Click to watch the Webinar and learn more about Fourtec solutions 

Research and Markets: Cold Chain Logistics in India 2014-2017   

Indian cold chain sector has bright future ahead of itself with the much revered governmental support and changing consumer dynamics.


Published: May 20, 2014

Via: Yahoo Finance


The Indian market is evolving with changing lifestyles, rising urbanization and growing disposable incomes which will be the key benefactors of growth in cold chain user industries like Food service industry, processed food industry and organized retail industry. Additionally mounting government endeavors towards reducing food wastage and penetrating healthcare in deep corners of the country will help in strengthening cold chain infrastructure in India. 

The cold chain sector in India is still in the nascent stage with enormous growth potential on the back of climatic diversification and geographically vast size of the country. The Indian cold chain sector was estimated to be at $4 billion in 2013. This research report anticipates it to cross the $10 billion mark in the next 4 years.


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NID Student Designs Cooler to Preserve Vaccines


Published: May 5, 2014

Via: The times of India 


Ashutosh Biltharia, a product design graduate of National Institute of Design (NID) has developed a 'portable vaccine cooler for last mile connectivity in the cold chain'. This cooler can give serious competition to equipment currently being used by health officers across the country.

Biltharia's project is funded by the design clinic scheme of the Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSME). The cooler is a compact, robust and ergonomically-designed vaccine carrier which is lighter and offers improved usability. Its material properties and design ensure that vaccines are kept under strictly-controlled temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius using ice packs.    


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Users of any of Fourtec's online systems such as DataNet, DaqLink or even the USB loggers MicroLogPRO II and MicroLite II, should remember that these systems are only considered to be running online when you are logged into Windows. If you logout of Windows then the DataSuite software is not able to communicate with these devices and any critical system notifications such as sensor alarms, disconnection alarms, and so on, won't be sent to the intended recipients.

If you wish to restrict access to the Windows desktop while allowing these systems to run online, then instead of logging out you may simply use the Lock this computer option available in the Task Manager. This will maintain the DataSuite software running in the background, ensuring online data transmission with the online systems as well as prevent other users from accessing the computer without the password.