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In our November issue, we present a new case study, describing how Fourtec's PicoLite single-trip data logger is used for monitoring the cold chain transportation of insulin, in order to avoid loss of potency of the insulin - a life risking situation.


In our regular Market News slot we have two cold chain items. The first one supports the topic of our case study, demonstrating the importance of temperature monitoring during shipment of pharmaceutical products.  The second one is  focused on the food industry in  India, describing significant wastage of fruit and vegetables, due to insufficient cold storage facilities.  


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PicoLite - Verifying Insulin Safety during Cold Chain Transportation

Application: Monitoring cold chain transportation of insulin 
Organization: PrJSC "INDAR" - Insulin Producer
Background: insulin vials


Insulin needs to be transported with great care as it can be affected by extreme heat or cold, which may lead to loss of potency of the insulin - a life risking situation. It is therefore imperative that manufacturing companies will monitor the temperature of the insulin vials during shipment in order to verify that the required temperature is maintained and that the insulin is safe for use by diabetes patients.



About the Customer:


INDAR is a unique insulin producer in Ukraine, providing a complete technological cycle for producing genetically engineered insulin (recombinant human insulin) starting from production of substance to finished product. INDAR manufacturing operates in accordance with GMP standards and passed ANVISA inspection.  PrJSC "Indar" has more than 15 years experience in research and production of drugs, selling its products in Ukraine and other countries such as Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Brazil and more. INDAR has four laboratories and more than 300 highly qualified specialists and employees focusing their efforts on maintaining a reliable and efficient process from the production of the insulin through its shipment. The company's product portfolio is constantly expanding to cover a full range of therapeutical segments, including but not limited to all types of Diabetes, its complications and related diseases. Being the partner of Ukrainian Healthcare in 2012-2016 the company portfolio will be enriched by strategically and socially essential products for healing HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Oncology in alliance with multi-national companies.

Antibiotics and painkiller tablets looses strength due to exposure to heat while being transported. 


Published: December 2nd, 2013
Via: DECCAN Chronicle
By: Kaniza garari

A batch of antibiotics, painkiller tablets and Oxytocin injections, were found to have lost its strength due to exposure to heat while being transported from Bihar to Andhra Pradesh. The drugs, inspected in October, were tested in the laboratory and  found  to have deteriorated in quality after being transported at temperatures more than 25�C. 


The result of these inspections were forwarded to the Union government by Dr B.L. Meena, director general of the Drug Control Administration  with a request that there must be a separate policy for transportation of medicinal drugs to various corners of the country.   "The quality was affected as the drugs were transported at temperatures over 25�C. While this has been happening for a long time, it is required that we bring about a change and have a special transport system where there is refrigeration and temperatures maintained below 25�C," Dr. Meena said.


This news item demonstrates the importance of monitoring the temperature of pharmaceutical products during shipment in order to verify the quality and safety of medicinal drugs.


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India wastes fruits and vegetables worth US$2.13 billion every year  


MUMBAI: Rs 13,300 crore (US$2.13 billion) worth of fruits and vegetables are wasted in India annually due to lack of adequate cold storage facilities and refrigerated transport, Press Trust of India (PTI) reported

Published: December 2, 2013
Via: New Straits Times


A report by Emerson Climate Technologies India, a business of US-based manufacturing and technology company Emerson said without improvements to cold chain infrastructure food problems in India will likely get worse.    

At present, India has 6,300 cold storage facilities spread across the country with an installed capacity of 30.11 million metric tonnes.  

Emerson Climate Technologies India said this is only half of the amount of cold storage facilities required by the country.  


An investment of more than Rs 55,000 crore (US$8.82 billion) is needed by 2015-2016 to keep up with fruit and vegetable production levels, the report said.  

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November 2013
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Market News - India wastes fruits and vegetables worth US$2.13 billion
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Tip of the Month

The recent release of Windows 8.1 helps solve possible detection problems for Fourtec data loggers supported by the Silicon Labs USB driver, such as DataNet, DaqLink and MicroLite I. For example, when running DataSuite in Windows 8 the DaqLink online status is not always correctly detected. When disconnecting the logger from the USB port, the DaqLink software icon may still appear as if it's still connected. When reconnecting the DaqLink to the USB port, the device will not be detected. Upgrading Windows from v8 to v8.1 will resolve this issue.


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