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In our April newsletter we present a case study focusing on the production of goods for the Veterinary Industry. This case study describes how Fourtec's data loggers are used for the thermal mapping of thermally controlled equipment. 


In our Market Research slot we link to an item highlighting how the growing need for transportation of temperature sensitive products like food and beverage is creating a push demand for refrigerated vehicles.


In our News slot you can read about  Fourtec's soon to be released NEW SiMi range of data loggers which includes, among others, our long awaited Dry Ice Data Logger!

In our regular Tip of the Month section we would like to remind you of our best practices for verification of latest SW and FW versions being periodically released.



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MicroLite Solution - Monitoring Temperature and Humidity during Production of Veterinary Products

Application: Production of Veterinary Products 

Organization Veterinary Products  Manufacturer

Veterinary products must be manufactured in accordance with the principles and guidelines of good manufacturing practice. Manufacturers must set up an effective quality assurance system and production must be carried out in accordance with good manufacturing practice and follow the pre-established instructions and procedures. Technical measures must be taken in order to avoid, in particular, cross-contamination.


About the Customer:

A leading European manufacturer of Veterinary Products has established a validation group for internal qualification of all thermally controlled equipment ie: refrigerators, freezers, chilled storage, incubators, walk-in chambers and thermostats. 


Key Customer Challenges:


During the commission of a new thermostation room the customer found that the heat distribution did not conform to requirements.  The lower positions inside were colder than the higher ones and air circulation had to be immediately reconsidered to avoid production failures. These changes were established by altering the air inlet and exhaust anemostats. For the qualification and testing of these changes the Microlite logger was successfully used.


MicroLite Implementation:

12 temperature loggers plus 1 temperature and humidity logger of the Microlite product range were installed in the thermostation room for thermal mapping of each chamber. Simultaneously, 15 loggers were used for further processing, investigation and trend analysis. The sampling rate for thermal mapping of each chamber was set for a week long period with 1 minute intervals. 


MicroLite units installed for thermal mapping per chamber

Measurable Results:


The independence of the stand-alone MicroLite loggers allowed the customer to position the loggers without the wired constraints of thermocouple based equipment. It was very easy to hang the loggers on shelves or to use the cradle for wall-mounting and even put them into closed chamber ovens without having the difficulty of leading the thermocouple wires out of the equipment. 


Data download is fast through the USB interface of the MicroLite Solution and can be even faster using a USB hub. Data is selectable for evaluation from the database from/to the exact time and unnecessary data can be easily cut from the beginning and the end, thus only important data is further processed. 


Accuracy levels are extremely high at 0.3°C and the memory capacity is large enough for the thermal mapping process of a chamber, for even for a week long period with 1 minute intervals. Data was simultaneously exported from the additional 15 loggers, using the DataSuite software directly to an Excel datasheet for further processing, trend analysis and so on. 



 Fourtec News


Upcoming Product Release: SiMi


S oon to be released is our NEW SiMi 
range of data loggers which includes the long awaited Dry Ice Data Logger. 

We are in the final stages of production and  Fourtec will be exhibiting the new 
range this year at ACHEMA 2015! 

Visit us at Hall 11.1 Stand A76 for more details and specs prior to official release.

Research and Markets:  Food and Beverage To Push Demand For Refrigerated Vehicles 

The growing need to transport temperature sensitive products like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plants, flowers, among others, is helping fuel demand for refrigerated vehicles, according to a new market report by Global Industry Analysts Inc. on commercial vehicles. 

Published: April 10,2015 

Via: Food Logistics 


The rise in home delivery of frozen and chilled food and beverages, for instance, is helping spur market opportunities for refrigerated transportation. Increased online delivery of food services offered by restaurants and supermarkets is a key reason cited for the increase in home delivery of food and beverages.



April 2015

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Tip of the Month


Verification of latest SW and FW versions

Periodically Fourtec releases new SW and FW versions and the release notes are posted on the website and made available for download.

DataSuite updates are available online directly from the "Check for Updates" feature in the DataSuite help menu.

The help menu will provide both the DataSuite SW version and the FW version available for the supported logger families.

The tool tip for each logger icon can be found in the Help> About window and includes the FW version on the logger, which can be compared with the current version for that logger type. 

If the FW version on the tool tip is lower than the FW version available we highly recommend performing a FW update. 

If working offline, version should be compared with the release notes found in the online download center on the Fourtec website.

Here current versions can be downloaded in order to uninstall previous versions and install new version when working offline. 


 Please feel free to contact the Fourtec Help Desk with further questions on this or any other issue.