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Newsletter May 2016
Fourtec continues to deliver end-to-end solutions capable of measuring and analyzing 
industry-standard parameters while integrating innovative functionality and technology, from single-trip USB loggers  to wireless monitoring systems and cloud-based applications, enabling you to meet regulatory compliance, deliver products of  higher quality and increase profitability.
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Upcoming Events

fresh logistics Asia 
14-16 June 2016 Hall E4: Booth 258
Shanghai New International Expo Centre

We invite you to visit us next month at PetiLog Asia in Hall E4: Booth 258 where Fourtec will be exhibiting alongside our distributors  Beijing East Summit Tech. Inc. at the leading trade show in Asia for the entire value chain of the fresh food delivery & cold-chain logistics industry. Follow this link for more details on the venue.

Pre-schedule a one-on-one meeting with our Vice President, Mr. Hagai Zamir, between 14-16 June at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre and hear first-hand of our new and upcoming developments. Follow this link to set up a meeting.

fresh logistics Asia 2016 is the largest logistics show in Asia and provides a great opportunity to explore the process cold-chain logistics. Join us among approximately 1200 domestic and international leading enterprises and 35,000 professional visitors.

For more details or to set up a meeting with Hagai, please contact Fourtec here. 

More Distributor Support

Promotional Product Videos

At Fourtec we understand the importance of video for industrial distributors.We know that the more videos we produce, the more transparent our company will become , allowing your customers to feel a tighter bond with your business, as our distributor

This is why we continue to create promotional product videos and technical training videos for your use, in your language, which  are available online so that you can refer customers when discussing our products and the services that you provide. 

View our videos on YouTube

Feel free to attach them to your website home page, add embedded links to your emails or share them via social media. If there is a particular video that you ne ed and do not find online, or in your language please let us know so that we can create one for you. 
Introduction to DaqPRO Promo Video:

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Market Research & News

How Cold-Chain Can Minimize Food Loss

Refrigeration brings intrinsic challenges in fresh produce care, which when not understood can make its application the premier cause for food loss. Cold-chain is not just about cooling, but includes specialised post-harvest handling in the supply chain of fresh produce. 

Cold-chain also helps to organize the business of agriculture.  
Failures in cold-chain are where it remained fledgling, misunderstood--namely, the domestic trade of various fresh fruits and vegetables. 

This area needs multi-disciplinary skills akin to life care--knowledge of biology, physics, logistics and time management, not of refrigeration alone. 

Without feasible market links, in this sector the loss is large. Due to perishability, time, range and access to consumers is limited, and after a short period, all that remains unsold perishes. 

Source: The Huffington Post in association with The Times of India Group
Published: 09/05/2016 08:05 IST
Author:  Pawanexh Kohli, Chief Advisor & CEO, National Centre for Cold-chain Development (NCCD)

Tip of the Month

Always be updated

Fourtec have several ways in which you can keep updated with recent releases as well as software and firmware updates available.
For users of the DataSuite software, you may go to "check for updates" found in the software Help menu and by choosing this option and clicking "next" the available updates will appear and allow you to automatically update.
Every release of a new version of software or firmware is combined with an update of the product release notes which are available in the download center. By clicking "About" in the software Help menu you will see the current software version and available firmware versions found in your system. You may then compare these versions with those available for a specific product by viewing its current release notes.
For other issues, it is possible that an update is already available in the download center, this may solve an issue that you have encountered and save you much time and effort.

Should you encounter a need for update but have a connection error with the update server (mainly due to firewall issues) please open a support ticket in the download center and we will provide you with the necessary files and instructions.

For more information, please contact the Fourtec Helpdesk here
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