December 2018
Issue 4




RINA Consulting ,  Italy
Louis Berger , France
Aon , Italy
Antea  Italy
LGI Consulting , France
Smartec SA , Switzerland
Aiscat Servizi , Italy
Network Rail , UK 
FEHRL , Belgium 
HORIZON 2020 Project
RAGTIME has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 690660 . 
Three national workshops held!

Three national workshops were organised in the UK, Slovenia and Italy in September, October and November 2018 respectively. The events presented the overall approach, methodology and results of the project focused on the three main phases: development of the Advanced Asset Integrity Management (AAIM) Framework, the investigation and development of AAIM and the integration and validation of AAIM platform. In addition, stakeholders were presented with the exploitation strategy of the project and issues related to value proposition, key exploitable results etc.

UK Workshop
The RAGTIME UK workshop was held on 20th September 2018 in London. The workshop was divided into four sessions:
  • Setting the Scene: Advanced Asset Integrity Management (AAIM) Framework
    Stakeholders were presented with the development process of the framework i.e. defining the technical, legal and economic requirements to be introduced into the RAGTIME platform etc.
  • Investigation and Development of AAIM
    In this session, project partners informed the participants about progress in the three modules that constitute the AAIM i.e. the governance module, the financial, economic & risk module as well as the technical management module. In addition, the development of the cloud-based software platform was presented. 
  • Integration and validation of Advanced Asset Integrity Management Platform
    This session focused on presenting the three case studies (UK, Italian and Slovenian case studies) that will be used in demonstrating and validating the AAIM approach.
  • RAGTIME to the market
    The focus here was to present to stakeholders the key exploitable results of the project alongside the RAGTIME value proposition and potential service offering.
Slovenian Workshop
The Slovenian workshop was held on 24th October 2018 in Portoroz. The workshop was an accompanying event of the 14th Slovenian Congress on Traffic and Traffic Infrastructure (24th - 26th October 2018, Portoroz) The workshop was divided into two sessions:

  • Setting the scene: state of the art of the Infrastructure Asset Management.
    The aim of the session was to present other projects and initiatives that could provide inputs into the RAGTIME project. Some of the presentations include:
    AM4INFRA project: Asset Management Approach for transport infrastructure networks.
    Asset management practice on national roads in Slovenia.
    Asset management practice on railway infrastructure in Slovenia
  • Exploitation of RAGTIME project outcomes.
    Topics discussed include the development of the AAIM framework as well as its use on real case study (Slovenian case study). The reconstruction of the Pragersko - Hodos railway line is the Slovenian case study - test site to evaluate the RAGTIME approach from a railway point of view. The railway line is part of the Slovenian EU Mediterranean transport corridor from Spain to Hungary (part of TEN-T network, V. Corridor). The measurements to be carried out during the reconstruction - to be used to validate the RAGTIME approach - was presented.
Italian Workshop
The Italy RAGTIME Dissemination & Exploitation Workshop was held in Rome on 28th November 2018 with the participation of several stakeholders, including highway managers, engineering consultancy firms and technicians of the road sector.
The first part of the workshop was dedicated to infrastructure management based on national and international experiences, and an introduction to the BIM (Building Information Modeling) applied to transport infrastructures, while the second part was about the dissemination of the RAGTIME project.
An overview of the software tools of RAGTIME was presented by RINA-C, emphasizing the potential of RAGTIME that goes beyond the simple concept of SHM (Structural Health monitoring). In addition, the Italian case study of the RAGTIME project (Mondalavia Viaduct) was presented by AISCAT, showing the activities, the information exchange with the partners involved, the future steps (implementation of the fatigue sensors on the viaduct) and the expected results.
The three national workshops were very good opportunities to liaise with stakeholders and present the results of the project and in particular the three planned case studies. The results of the case studies will be available on the project's website in mid-2019.

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