"So they went with haste and found Mary and Joseph,
and the child lying in the manger."
– Luke 2:16

When they heard the news of Messiah's birth, those shepherds got right up and went to Bethlehem.

They went . They couldn't just stay where they were.

They went with haste . This good news couldn't wait!

"Haste" is an old-fashioned word, but we know it all too well in these remaining days before Christmas. For most of us, there's so much to do - and so little time to do it in.

And so, our holiday preparations feel hasty. These final days feel like the sprint to the finish line of a long-distance race. Many of us arrive at the holiday spiritually drained, having given it our all.

Was it that way for the shepherds? Was their haste draining and exhausting? Or was it filled with excitement and joy?

There is haste - and there is haste. What was the cause of the shepherds' haste? Did they feel pushed in the direction of Bethlehem by an overflowing to-do list? Or did they feel pulled, by holy curiosity and hope, towards the one sight their hearts yearned to behold: the babe in the manger?

There's no getting away from the fact that these days just before Christmas are hasty. The question is: are we being pushed by many things or pulled by the one thing?

I invite you to come to worship, this Fourth Sunday of Advent, to focus your heart and mind on the one thing: Jesus, the Lord. The scriptures and music of our Service of Lessons and Carols - a late-Advent tradition here at Lamington Church - are an invitation to an island of peace in the midst of the frenzy.

Come to worship this Sunday, and let the vision of the Christ-child gently pull you in the direction of the manger. It just may be the most important thing you can do, to prepare yourself for Christmas!

Pastor Carl
The painting is a detail from " The Shepherds Led by the Star Arrive at Bethlehem " (1863), by Octave Penguilly L'Haridon, from the Musée D'Orsay in Paris.
Fourth Sunday of Advent
A Service of Lesson & Carols

We will celebrate the fourth Sunday of Advent with a Service of Lessons & Carols. Come and prepare your hearts with scripture and music. The Prelude will feature Music Director Jim Goldsworthy and Emma Mistele on piano, and a solo by Abby Farmer. The introit will be a Johann Sebastian Bach piece performed by Ivey Mistele on flute. Owen Mistele, on percussion, will accompany "Gloria Tibi" from the Mass by Leonard Bernstein. The Lamington Bell Choir will play "Carol of the Bells" during the offertory. The sermon will be "A Hasty Christmas," based on Luke 2:8-20 .

The candles on the Advent Wreath will be lit this week by the Pereyra family--David, Myles and Nancy. Come and join us for a Sunday filled with music and scripture--worship begins at 10:15AM.
December 16, 2018--Children's Christmas Pageant (photo by Etta Marshall)
2019 Offering Envelopes
Ready For Pick-Up

Please pick up your 2019 offering envelopes in the vestibule between the Sanctuary and the Gladish Room. Using envelopes helps the counters record the offering more quickly and efficiently. If you do not see a box of envelopes with your name on it and would like to have one, please contact Molly Falk at (908) 209-1080 or mafalk1@comcast.net .
Volunteers Deliver Christmas Gift Bags
to the Preschool Kids of E'port Center

On the morning of December 19, members of Lamington Church delivered Christmas gift bags to four preschool classes at the Elizabethport Presbyterian Center , in the city of Elizabeth. Before each class of E'Port kids enjoyed a craft project - decorating the gift bags they'll take home and open on Christmas - two of our younger Lamington members read them the famous poem, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." The preschoolers were all ears!
Upcoming Liturgists
Sunday, December 23 - Jim Grubel
Monday, December 24 - Christmas Eve
5:00PM - Duncan Rose
9:00PM - Bob Wittpenn
Sunday, December 30 - Ann Silk

We REALLY Need Liturgists!
A wonderful way to participate in Sunday worship is by volunteering to read scripture. We have many open Sundays to lead worship. Please consider giving to the church with your time & talents. Interested? A sign-up sheet is hanging on the bulletin board outside the church office--stop by and check it out after worship and sign up for a Sunday or two! You can also email the church office at (908) 572-7013, or lamingtonchurch@gmail.com . Come share with us!

Deacons on Duty
Sunday, December 23 - Sallye Grubel & Julie Murray
Monday, December 24 - Christmas Eve
5:00PM - Hunter Lewis & Laurel Rose
9:00PM - Cindy & Scott Campbell
Sunday, December 30 - Sallye Grubel & Sandi Ramsay

A Note to the Deacons: To make a change to the Deacon on Duty schedule or to sign-up for Sunday duty, please call or email Monica Immanual at (908) 450-7278, monica.immanual@gmail.com . A sign-up sheet is also located on the bulletin board outside the church office.
Upcoming Coffee Hour Hosts
Sunday, December 23 - Cindy & Scott Campbell
Sunday, December 30 - No Coffee Hour - New Year's weekend

Each member/family at Lamington Church has been invited to host a Sunday coffee hour. A postcard reminder will be sent sometime before you are scheduled. If you are unable to host on your assigned day, please call Debby Johnson at  (908) 832-7230  or email at   debrabjohnson@gmail.com

The Upcoming Week at Lamington

Sunday, December 23
8:45AM Choir Practice
10:15AM Worship-Lessons & Carols
10:30AM Church School
11:30AM Handbell Choir Practice
Monday, December 24--Christmas Eve
5:00PM & 9:00PM Candlelight Worship Services
Sunday, December 30
10:15AM Worship

Note: The Church Office is closed December 24-January 1
for Christmas and New Year. Pastor Carl can be reached
on his cell phone (908.910.5360) for pastoral emergencies.
Do you have a question? Please contact us!
The Rev. Dr. Carl Wilton
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James Goldsworthy
Director of Music

Bess Ploener
Director of Handbells

Regina Morris
Office Manager
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