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The newsletter for The Brooklyn Oratory Parishes

"I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons."
-St. John Henry Cardinal Newman, C.O.
 The Brooklyn Oratory Parishes
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Boniface
April 23, 2021
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Please keep the sick of the community in your prayers:
Jerry Slattery, Carl Weisser, Elsa Grotian Matthews, Odessa Burke Ryan, Michelle Simon Cox, Brigida Munoz, Frederick Gamboa, Diane Ravitch, Elena Adan, Lolanda Presented deSouza, Slavomir Brzak, Virginia Fiore.

Rest In Peace: Nancy Dorsinville, Alice Farren, Richard Hughes, Larry Yack, Mary Hope O’Connell, Kathy Bynum, Margery Seed.
Mother’s Day Novena Masses
Please send in your names for the Novena of Masses for Mother’s Day. You can use PushPay to make an offering or place it in an envelope in the stewardship basket. Send names to
Eviction Assistance
If you know of someone who is facing potential eviction, please see the link below for assistance. The household can file a form, called a Hardship Declaration, which is available on the New York Courts website in multiple languages. It can be accessed through the Catholic Migration Services website as well:
St Boniface and our Sister Parish St. Mark's Parish in Turkana, Kenya
The Oratory Church of St. Boniface has since the early 2000s had a sister parish relationship with St. Mark’s parish in Lokitaung, Turkana, where we support it financially. Turkana is a drought ravaged region which is the poorest and least developed in Kenya with 88% of the population living in poverty and only about half the primary school age children enrolled in school. The Catholic church has had a crucial and growing presence in Turkana over the past six decades. The Turkana is a proud people living in close relationship with nature, a life more imperiled and closer to the one lived by the people of the old testament. The Turkana are sought after for security work and known for their music. Through our sister parish relationship, we aim to nurture a bond of love, expand our understanding of the universal church, learn more about each other, help and pray for each other, and grow our own faith in the process. It is part of our Oratory life. We celebrate each other's saints' feast days, and this Sunday, April 25, is the Feast of Mark the Evangelist.

The Lord's Prayer in the Turkana Language:
Apa kosi lo iyei nakuj, kipuroi ekiro kon, akonipolou bu, na icamit iyong tosubae a nakwap kona esubenere a nakuj. Nakinae akwaar na akimuj kosi na a ngirwa ka daang; torimakinae ngasecesea kosi kona kirimakinea sua lu kisecanakinete; nyikirik sua nakininget, nakaneni toiunae sua a ni aronon. Amin.
A Virtual Retreat, sponsored by the LGBT Inter Parish Collaborative For more information contact Bill at

Saturday, May 15th 10:00am–3:00pm
Livestream Ministry
We are looking for several individuals to be trained to assist in live streaming liturgies from Assumption particularly for the Saturday evening Mass and the Sunday Masses at St. Boniface.

Please contact Father Michael for more information or 718-875-2096, ext. 16 and Fr Mark Lane,, 718-875-2096, ext 11. This is a wonderful area for service to our communities.
Your faithful stewardship has helped sustain our communities and maintain vital ministries and services. Thank you for keeping faith with us and supporting our common
work of the gospel.

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Mother’s Day Novena

Or mail checks or envelopes to:
64 Middagh St
Brooklyn NY 11201
Attn: either ABVM or St Boniface
Please be sure to send all mail to 64 Middagh Street. The Post Office is no longer forwarding  our mail. Thank you!

The Brooklyn Oratory Parishes 
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Boniface
Roman Catholic Communities in
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