Fox Law has partnered with
Adler Law and Sieglock Law  to form
the Wildfire Legal Group. 
The team will be dedicated to helping those harmed by the northern California wildfires. We are representing individuals and businesses (insured and uninsured) to recover for evacuation costs, damaged property, lost business income, and personal injuries. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover all fire related damages. You can learn about our past and present wildfire work here  and read about our current litigation here  Sonoma Tribune.  

Dave Fox has served on the Plaintiffs' Executive Committee for the Butte Fire Litigation JCCP that is currently being litigated in Sacramento against PG&E. Together  the three firms have 20 years of wildfire litigation experience, have prosecuted 40 wildfire cases nationwide, and recovered over $150,000,000 in wildfire settlements for their clients.   
We pay attorneys referral fees on every case sent to us consistent with state bar guidelines.

We look forward to working with you, and helping your friends and family that have been affected by these devastating fires.

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Wildfire Legal Group

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