Fox Tales, a publication of the St. Charles Park District, is distributed to  
Community Unit School District #303 students in grades K-5. For more information, call 630-513-6200.
Saturday, June 5

Ages 3-7
RES $12/NR $18 per participant 

On Your Mark...Get Set...Go!
Participate in four running events and one field event. While this track meet is semi-competitive, all contenders are winners! Advanced registration required. Held at Reid Field on Thompson Campus.  Raindate: June 19.

Age 3#26564    Click on code #s to register.
Age 4#26565
Age 5#26566
Age 6-7#26567
Opening Day
May 29!

Fun 'FORE' Everyone!



 May 1-30 &
Aug 14-Sep 26


May 31-Aug 10 

Visit for hours and fees.
Begins Wednesday, June 9
All Ages
FREE but please register  (#27405)

Hidden in the St. Charles Park District's parks are cards with each letter of the alphabet. On the card is a corresponding number (1-26). Match the letter to the number. Your goal is to find each letter and to decode the mystery message before June 14! Please leave all numbers in the parks as numbers will not be replaced if damaged. Register by June 5 to receive your coded mystery message card via email. Once you have figured out the message, you will know where to go to pick up your prize. Good luck in your quest to Seek Summer! Parks are open dawn to dark.
Saturday, June 19
Paddlewheel Riverboat Cruise: 12pm
Minigolf (18 holes): After Cruise
All Ages
$22 per person  (Register Here)
Ages 2 & under are FREE, but require a ticket to board

Yo ho ho! Dress up like your favorite pirate and take a cruise on the Fox River. Play eye-spy to find the river's treasures. Each young buccaneer will get a pirate tattoo and eye patch. After the cruise, enjoy a small drink and popcorn, play an 18-hole round of minigolf and use a treasure map to discover gems within the park. The pirate ship will set sail at 12pm. Please arrive 10 minutes early to start boarding. One adult may accompany multiple children.
NEW! Secret Agent Lab
Ages 5-12 
M-F     Jun 14-18  |  8:30am-12:30pm 
$300   (#27414)

TOP SECRET: Ever dream of becoming a secret agent? From decoding messages to metal
detectors and night vision, check out spy tech equipment and take-home lots of gadgets like spy binoculars! Step into the shoes of a detective as you uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis! Figure out the science of forensics in a hands-on look at crime scenes! Become a super spy and learn clever ways of performing tasks as we take a hands-on investigation of the science that spies use! Held at Batavia Park District - Peg Bond Center.

NEW! Robot Invasion Camp
Ages 5-12
Th     Jul 22  |  8:30am-4:30pm 
$120   (#27416)

Explore the basic and complex technology used to design and build robots. Discover how machines and robots work and how they can make our lives so much easier. Learn about simple circuits, minor principles and make your own Mad Science Robot Hand to take home. Jr Scientists will love experimenting with many robots. Bring a sack lunch and water bottle. Held at Batavia Park District - Peg Bond Center.

X-treme Science
Ages 6-10
M-F     Jun 14-18  |  9am-12pm 
RES $150/NR $200   (#26029)

This one-of-a-kind camp combines creativity and invention with mind-blowing science experiments that will inspire you! Join us for an exciting week of hands-on scientific investigation as we explore concepts in chemistry, magnetism, electricity, physics and engineering. Campers will bring home a new project each day and a summary of the experiments done at camp. Campers will receive a camp t-shirt and mid-morning snack. A $25 materials fee payable to PWNAGE Robotics is due on the first day of class.

NEW! SumoBot Camp
Ages 6-16
M-F     Jun 14-18  |  1-5pm 
RES $200/NR $250   (#26359)

SumoBot is an interesting blend of designing robots to compete in a fun competition. Learn the physics and concepts of robots, understanding the engineering process - all while having fun!

NEW! Minecraft Engineering Camp
Ages 6-16
M-F     Jul 12-16  |  1-5pm 
RES $200/NR $250   (#26422)

Minecraft is a popular game, but imagine learning Civil and Electrical Engineering while playing too! This class will teach engineering concepts so that participants can apply them in Minecraft. Students will learn about bridges, town layouts and more!

NEW! Animate with Scratch Computer Camp
Ages 7-12
M-F     Jun 14-18  |  2-3:15pm 
$99   (#27419)

Create your own computer animations! Make things move, make characters talk, walk and even fly! Create your own cartoon animation movie and more. This is a virtual class with students all over
the United States. This is an eActivity.

EV3 Engineering
Ages 9-12 
M-F     Jun 14-18  |  1-4pm 
RES $200/NR $250   (#26013)

Work in teams to design, build and program a robot to solve daily challenges using Lego® Mindstorm EV3s. Experience firsthand how the code translates into real world actions as your robot provides immediate feedback of its efforts. This hands-on class offers an introductory understanding of the design engineering process using rotation, light and touch sensors. Use the knowledge and skills gained throughout the week to compete in a Friday final challenge! T-shirt and mid-morning snack provided. A $25 materials fee payable to PWNAGE Robotics is due on the first day of class.

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NEW! Rocket Scientist
Ages 5-12
Tu     Jun 22  |  8:30am-4:30pm 
$120  (#27415)

Become an aerospace engineer as you work in teams to build a real model rocket! Learn about the amazing forces that affect flight and put those forces to the test as we watch our rockets blast off high into the sky! Get your own Mad Science Shuttle Copter to take home. Held at Batavia Park District - Peg Bond Center.

NEW! All Twisted Up Hot Pretzel Party
Ages 6-13 
W     Jun 30  |  5-6pm 26428
$35  (#26428)

The last 15 months have had us all feeling twisted up much like the beloved hot pretzel! Enjoy customizing a hot pretzel to show that we do have the power to change anything we want in our life to make it sweet when we feel a little loopy. Held at Geneva Park District - Persinger Rec Center.

NEW! Tropical Island Science Lab
Ages 6-13 
W     Jun 30  |  6-7pm 
$35  (#26429)

Paradise is calling! Step into the ultimate S.T.E.M lab experience as your kids are whisked away to enjoy marine and island life. Hands-on inspirational tropical themes will include: the life of a coconut, building an earthquake-proof structure, red tide dramatization, and dolphin anatomy. Island treats included! Held at Geneva Park District - Persinger Rec Center.

NEW! The Thrills and Chills of Ice Cream
Ages 6-13
Su     Jul 18  |  12-1pm 
$35  (#26430)

A child's dream class! Exploring and eating ice cream is a fun way to introduce early physics and
chemistry concepts to children. Become an expert on this beloved treat and then sit down for an
outrageous ice cream eating contest! Did anyone say brain freeze? Kids will also learn to make a homemade waffle cone and play ice cream themed games. Dress to get sticky! Ice cream
themed souvenir included. 

NEW! Celebration Self-Esteem &Leadership Lab
Ages 6-13 
F     Aug 13  |  5-6pm 
$35  (#26431)

With summer ending and you start to purchase school supplies, don't forget to grab self-esteem and leadership too! This lab offers incredibly fun activities and games to boost your child's gifts and talents. Held at Batavia Park District - Peg Bond Center.
NEW! Video Game Design with Scratch
Ages 7-12
M-F     Jul 26-30  |  11am-12:15pm 
$99   (#27418)

Create your own interactive video game using SCRATCH! In this class, participants will learn to use an object-based coding language to create video games complete with scoring, levels and more! This is a virtual class with students all over the U.S.! This is an eActivity.

Archery 1 - Beginner
Ages 9+ 
Th     Jun 3-24  |  5-6pm   (#27407)
Th     Jun 3-24  |  6-7pm   (#27408)
Th     Jul 8-29  |  5-6pm   (#27409)
Th     Jul 8-29  |  6-7pm   (#27410)
Th     Aug 5-26  |  5-6pm   (#27411)
Th     Aug 5-26  |  6-7pm   (#27412)
RES $89/NR $134 

If you have never shot a bow and arrow before, or it has been a number of years since you have, then this is the class for you! This is a beginner introduction to archery and archery safety. Learn the proper shooting form to help you meet the goals for advancing your skills, as each new session will bring new challenges. Open to ages 9+, so parents, feel free to join in on the fun as well! All equipment and supplies provided. Held at Cranston Meadows Park.

Race Car Engineering
Ages 10-16
Th     Aug 5-26  |  5:30-6:30pm 
RES $93/NR $140   (#26423)

This is a new STEM Curriculum that teaches students all about how race cars work, gear ratios, motors, servos, steering mechanisms, etc. We have 2 models of cars for different age groups to use. Each student will be able to configure, design and drive a radio controlled race car.

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NEW! Double the Fun Drawing
Ages 5-10

Here's an exciting experience for your imaginative child. We explore all the basics of visual arts, in a fun and confident setting that ensures success for every child. Basic drawing, portraits, action, and cartooning. Students complete several different projects and learn to draw whimsical characters, Animals, everyday objects, and action scenes. Double your child's creative spirit and art skills.

M-Tu     Jun 7-8  |  10am-12pm   (#26376)
Tu-W     Jul 6-7  |  10am-12pm   (#26555)
M-Tu     Jul 26-27  |  10am-12pm   (#26557)
RES $73/NR $96
Held at Batavia Park District - Peg Bond Center

M-Tu     Jun 14-15  |  1:30-3:30pm   (#26377)
M-Tu     Jul 12-13  |  1:30-3:30pm   (#26556)
RES $73/NR $96
Held at Geneva Park District - Persinger Rec Center

M-Tu     Jun 21-22  |  10am-12pm   (#26553)
M-Tu     Jul 19-20  |  10am-12pm   (#26554)
RES $73/NR $96
Held at Pottawatomie Community Center

NEW! Nature Art Camp
Ages 5-13
M-F     Jun 14-18  |  9am-3pm  (#26792)
M-F     Jul 12-16  |  9am-3pm   (#26793)
M-F     Jul 19-23  |  9am-3pm   (#26794)

Send your child on an art adventure! This weeklong camp will provide your child with art projects, exploring the worlds of watercolor, acrylics, oil pastels, sculpture , and more! This camp includes all supplies, just bring a roll of paper towel, morning snack and a sack lunch. Wear old clothes and no sandals. The theme for this art camp is Nature: The Four Seasons. Held at Tony & Friends Art Studio.

NEW! Art Camp
Ages 5-10 
M-Th     Jun 7-10  |  10am-2pm   (#27420)
M-Th     Jun 28-Jul 1  |  10am-2pm   (#27421)
M-Th     Jul 26-29  |  10am-2pm   (#27422)
M-Th     Aug 2-5  |  10am-2pm   (#27423)

Experience total immersion in a summer art program! Delve into your creative self without crazy time restraints. Spend the morning on individual projects. In the afternoon, learn more about fine arts from an art academy instructor. Explore clay, printmaking, textiles, weaving, watercolor, acrylics, tempera paint, glazing and more! Held at All Things Art Studio.

NEW! Everything Art
Ages 5-10 
M-W     Jun 14-23  |  10-11am   (#27424)
Tu-Th   Jun 15-24  |  11am-12pm  (# 27426)
M-W     Jul 12-21  |  10-11am   (#27425)
Tu-Th   Jul 13-22  |  11am-12pm   (#27427)

This combination class offers participants a sampling of art projects using various media such as painting, clay, watercolors, collage and pastels. Projects are new every session. Held at All Things Art Studio.

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Summer Theatre Immersion Camp
Ages 5+ 
M-F   Jun 7-Jun 18  |  8:30-11:30am  (#26379)
M-F   Jun 21-Jul 2  |  8:30-11:30am  (#26380)
M-F   Jul 5-Jul 16  |  8:30-11:30am  (#26419)
M-F   Jul 19-Jul 30  |  8:30-11:30am  (#26420)

Experience the world of theatre through this two week camp! Campers will workshop a play through the process of casting, rehearsing, and staging to culminate with a final performance. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.

Broadway Kids Workshop: Camp Rock
Ages 5-11
Tu      Jul 27-Aug 31  |  4-5:15pm 
$135  (#26413)

Disney's Camp Rock The Musical, starring teen idols, Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, will fire up your stage with over a dozen songs, including 'This is Me,' "Can't Back Down," and 'We Rock.' Family and friends are invited to a showcase on the last day of class. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.

NEW! All the World's a Stage!
Ages 7-11
W Jun 9-Jul 7 10am-1pm 
RES $175/NR $225  (#27485)

A fun, positive environment to build your self-confidence, express your vivid imagination and collaborate with peers. Perfect for anyone exploring theatre for the first time. Create an original abridged version of a Shakespeare play. Start with a vocal and physical warm-up before participating in theatre games and exercises to build a world of characters. Using props, costumes and music, each participant will tell the story of his/her character. On the last day of class, family and friends will attend your live performance and celebrate your work. Held at Haines Gymnasium.
NEW! The Play's the Thing!
Ages 9-13 
W      Jun 9-Jul 7  |  2-5pm 
RES $175/NR $225  (#27486)

A fun, positive environment to continue your exploration in theatre while taking your creativity and collaboration to the next level. Create an original abridged version of a Shakespeare play. Start with a vocal and physical warm-up before participating in theatre games building confidence to make more vivid and inspired characters. Dive into advanced theatre exercises to learn Shakespeare's poetry and language. Using props, costumes and music, each participant will tell the story of his/her character. On the last day of class, family and friends will attend your live performance and celebrate your work. Held at Haines Gymnasium.

Matilda Jr.
Ages 8-16 
M-TuTh May 24-Jul 26 5:30-8:30pm 

$250  (#26232)

Auditions (attend one): May 21, 5:30-8:30pm OR
May 22, 9:30a-12:30pm

Rehearsals: MTTh, 5:30-8:30pm

Tech Week: July 12-15, 5:30-8:30pm or
July 19-22, 5:30-8:30pm

Shows: July 23-25

Rebellion is high in Matilda, a gleefully witty ode to the anarchy of childhood and power of imagination! Held at Marquee Youth Stage.

Click code #s to register. 
Seasonal Dance
Sessions are shorter and provide young dancers the opportunity to try different disciplines of dance before
making the commitment to the Dance Recital program. Parent observation will be held during the last class.
Required Attire: All dancers should have hair up (out of face). Hip Hop classes may wear athletic wear and clean athletic shoes. All other classes should wear a leotard and tights with pink or black ballet
shoes. Boys may wear athletic wear with appropriate dance shoes; black shoes for ballet.
Leap Into Dance - Introduction to body awareness and dance concepts using your own creativity, props and music. 

Dance with Me - This is a parent/child class. Introduction to creative movement, music, props and peers.

Leaps, Jumps & Turns - Improve your technique, ability, confidence and strength in jumps, leaps and turns from various dance genres. 

New session begins June 19!
NEW! Dance Company Workshop
RES $15/NR $23

Level I - Ages 6-12

Th     Aug 12  |  5-6:30pm  (#27012)
Level 2 - Ages 11-18
T     Aug 12  |  6:30-8pm   (#27013)

Freshen up your dance skills to get ready for August 25 dance company auditions! This is a great opportunity to meet other dancers and the dance staff. Learn new choreography and have fun!

Dance Party Mini Dance Camp
Ages 7-10
Tu     Jun 15  |  10am-12pm 
RES $18/NR $27   (#27007)

Dance Party! Wear your best party gear as you dance under disco lights, throw confetti, and party to fun pop music. Participants will do a party-themed craft and learn a dance to show parent/guardians. Bring a healthy snack and a water bottle.
NEW! Tap Dance Workshop
RES $15/NR $23

Ages 7-9

W     Jun 23  |  4:30-6pm   (#27010)
Ages 8-10
W     Aug 4  |  4:30-6pm    (#27011)

Brush up on your tap dance skills and learn a new dance! Focus on choreography and team work. Some previous tap dance experience recommended.

Jazz/Lyrical Dance Workshop
Ages 8-12
W     Jun 16  |  6-8pm 
RES $18/NR $27   (#27008)

Learn TWO dances in TWO different genres in ONE night! Focus on choreography and team work. Some previous dance experience recommended.

Click on code #s to register.
Ages 8-13
Th     Jun 10-Jul 29  |  4:30-5:25pm
MEM $96/NM $120 

Never get bored with these one-of-a-kind workouts!  A high-energy fitness regime that combines cardiovascular/resistance and functional trainings. Develop cardiovascular/muscular endurance and perseverance from physical and mental challenges. Promotes weight loss and team work, too. This program is held at Norris Rec Center. Please call 630-377-1405 to register.

Indoor Flag Football League
Ages 6-8
Th     Jun 10-Jul 29  |  5:15-7:30pm   (#26790)
Ages 8-10
Th     Jun 10-Jul 29  |  5:15-7:30pm   (#26791)
RES $108/NR $158 

Designed to teach and enhance the skills of our future stars while making it fun and eliminating the intense win at all cost attitude! Every player plays all positions so that they can truly learn the game from different angles. There will be minimal contact and no tackling during our games. This is an extension of our outdoor league but will have less players on each team to ensure more touches. Our philosophy is to teach the game in a safe environment before tackle football is an option. Held at Sportsplex.

Golf Skills
Ages 6-9
Th     Jun 10-Jul 29  |   11:45am-12:45pm 
RES $100/NR $150   (#26786)

Players will participate in a number of drills and games as they learn the complicated skill of swinging a golf club. Rules and proper game etiquette will covered, all with fun as the main focus. Held at Timber Trails Park. For inclement weather, classes will be moved inside to Sportsplex.

Flag Football Skills
Ages 6-9
Tu     Jun 15-Jul 27  |  3-4pm 
RES $89/NR $133   (#26781)

This program focuses on passing, receiving, blocking and kicking techniques. An in-depth breakdown of offensive and defensive strategies will be covered as well. Teamwork and positive play are highly stressed and our main objective is to have fun! Held at Timber Trails Park. For inclement weather, classes will be moved inside to Sportsplex.

Junior Flag Football
Ages 5-8 
W     Jun 9-Jul 21  |   4-4:45pm   (#26662)
W     Jul 28-Sep 1  |  4-4:45pm   (#26663)
RES $65/NR $98 

Learn the game of football including field concepts, positions and mechanics. Players will be introduced to stance, receiving, rushing, blocking and defense. Participants will play multiple positions. Each week ends with a scrimmage encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship. Equipment provided. Masks required at all times. No Spectators allowed. Held at East Side Sports Complex.

Classes begin in June!
Jr. Golf  |  Ages 3-6
Jr. Soccer  |  Ages 3-6
Jr. T-Ball  |  Ages 3-6
Multi-Sports   |  Ages 3-6
Jr. Basketball  |  Ages 3-7
Jr. Flag Football  |  Ages 4-6 
Jr. Floor Hockey  |  Ages 4-6
Basketball Skills  |  Ages 6-10
Speed & Agility  |  Ages 6-10
Track & Field  |  Ages 6-10
All classes are taught by All Star Sports Staff.
For full class descriptions, fees, times, locations and to register online, click sports listed above.


Basketball League
Ages 6-11
F     Jun 11-Jul 23*
Ages 6-8: 9-10:15am  (#26717)
Ages 8-11: 10:15am-1:15pm  (#26718)

Players have a positive experience as this non-competitive approach enables all children to play without the pressure of winning or losing. Teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized while practicing and playing games. Instruction skills include dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork, defense, offense and game rules. Held at Geneva Park District - Persinger Rec Center.

Basketball 101
Ages 7-8
Th     Jun 10-Jul 22  |  5:15-6pm   (#26666)
Th     Jul 29-Sep 9  |  5:15-6pm   (#26667)
RES $65/NR $98 

Designed for kids new to the game! Learn the rules and fundamentals of basketball with emphasis on shooting, dribbling and passing. Practice fun drills and play mini-games each week. Bring a water bottle. Masks required at all times. No Spectators allowed.

GameTime Flag Football
Ages 9-12
W     Jun 9-Jul 21  |  5-6pm   (#26660)
W     Jul 28-Sep 1  |  5-6pm  (#26661)
RES $70/NR $105 

Take your football skills to the next level! During scrimmages with active instruction and tips from experienced coaches, players will run pass routes, call plays, use offensive and defensive positions including blocking and pass coverage. Masks required at all times. No Spectators allowed. Held at East Side Sports Complex.

GameTime Basketball
Ages 9-12
Th     Jun 10-Jul 22  |  6-7pm   (#26668)
Th     Jul 29-Sep 9  |  6-7pm   (#26669)
RES $70/NR $105 

Time to challenge your basketball skills on the
court! Each week, players will participate in various
games including 1-on-1, 3-on-3 and 5-on-5.
Experienced coaches will guide kids to enhance
their full potential, expanding their mental and
physical capabilities. Masks required at all times.
No Spectators allowed.

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All nature programs below are held at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, 3795 Campton Hills Road, St. Charles.
Nature In Your Neighborhood- Fireflies
Ages 2+ 
W     Jul 7  |  7:30-8:30pm  (#27458) DP
W     Jul 7  |  7:30-8:30pm  (#27459) DWP*
W     Jul 14  |  7:30-8:30pm  (#27460) HHP
W     Jul 14  |  7:30-8:30pm  (#27461) CMP
RES $5/NR $8

Hickory Knolls is coming to your local park with one of our favorite summertime programs! Bring the family out for an evening with our best-known night-time flyers - fireflies! Learn a bit about these fabulous creatures, then we'll head out for some good-natured fun collecting, counting and releasing. Children must be accompanied by a paying adult. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs to sit with your family group.
DP= Davis Park
DWP= Delnor Woods Park*
HHP= Harvest Hills Park
CMP=Cranston Meadows Park
*Meet at pavilion off of Wing Street

Friday Family Fun Camp
Ages 4+ 
F     Jun 18  |  10am-12pm  (#27338)
F     Jun 25  |  10am-12pm  (#27339)
F     Jul 2  |  10am-12pm  (#27340)
F     Jul 9  |  10am-12pm  (#27341)
F     Jul 16  |  10am-12pm  (#27342)
F     Jul 23  |  10am-12pm  (#27343)
F     Jul 30  |  10am-12pm  (#27344)
F     Aug 6  |  10am-12pm  (#27345)
RES $60/NR $90 up to 8 people 

Think grown-ups have to miss out on the fun of nature camp? We don't think so! Grab the kids and get ready to explore the great outdoors in this mini version of camp that will fit any family's schedule. Enjoy a hike, critter visits and camp themed activities all before lunch.

Snakes at Suppertime
Ages 5+
Th     Jun 24  |  7-8pm   (#27330)
Th     Jul 29 |  7-8pm   (#27331)
Th     Aug 26  |  7-8pm  (#27332)
RES $40/NR $60 for group of 6
Go behind the scenes as you help with the care and feeding of our resident snake animal ambassadors. Help prepare food, tend to their enclosures and enjoy hands on meet and greets with your favorite scaled friends.  Masks are required.

Not the Last Dragon
Ages 5-10
W      Jun 23  |  2-3pm   (#27347)
W      Jul 21  |  2-3pm   (#27348)
W      Aug 4  |  2-3pm   (#27349)
RES $15/NR $23

Don't let the other reptiles fool you. They all might
have scales, but they can't call themselves
dragons. Meet and greet some resident reptiles
and then let the bearded dragon tell you all you
need to know about real life dragons. End with a
take home craft.

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