Fox Tales, a publication of the St. Charles Park District, is distributed to  
Community Unit School District #303 students in grades K-5. For more information, call 630-513-6200.

Saturdays,  March 7 & 14 
RES $22/NR $33 per person 
March 7 - Full
March 14: #20571 - Space Available!
Pottawatomie Community Center   

Get all gussied up in your favorite 20's ritzy, glitzy attire for a swinging good time!
Come as a flapper or just as you are. Dress as a gangster or silent screen star. It's going to be fun no matter the dress. Just bring yourself and party with the best! Enjoy a night filled with entertainment, dancing, refreshments and fun. Participants must be accompanied by a registered adult. One adult may accompany multiple children from the same household. Advance registration require.
Early Bird Pool Passes  
Get ready for a SPLASHtastic Summer!
The Crosstown Aquatics All Access Pass is ON SALE NOW! Early Bird Rates until April 30. Have your pass in hand when Otter Cove Aquatic Park or Swanson Pool open for the season.
Take advantage of the Leap Year Special convenient payment plan option for Early Bird rates. Season passes are available for purchase online or at PCC during normal facility hours.

For more information, visit or

Saturday, March 21  |  1-4pm
$15 per scout  (#20111) -  Leaders are FREE!
Pottawatomie Community Center

Use science and math to link elements of art through dance, craft and animal adventures. Participants will rotate through a variety of
activities that will have them combining their thinking cap, creativity and movement skills. 
Brookfield Zoo
Ages 5-12
Tu    Mar 31   |  9am-5pm
$75  (#20727)

Lions, tiger and bears...oh my! Zoo animals are active, playful and entertaining this time of year.
Dress for the weather, wear closed toe shoes and bring a sack lunch.
The Zone!
Ages 5-12
W    Apr 1  |  8:30am-2pm
$59  (#21082)

Foam pit, climbing wall, warp wall and climbing ropes - there are activities for everyone at River
Trails Park District's newly renovated facility! Participants need to pack a sack lunch, bring a water bottle and wear gym shoes. Additional waiver required at time of sign in.
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Ages 5-12
Th    Apr 2  |  9am-3pm
$75  (#21084)

Get your swing ready for summer at Naperville's premier entertainment facility! Participants will golf for two hours with unlimited soda and water. Pack a sack lunch, and wear closed toe shoes.

Before and After Trip Care Available for No School Day Trips.  
Before Care begins 6:30am and After Care ends at 6pm.

Young Rembrandts Drawing Workshop
Ages 6-12
Sa     Mar 7-Mar 28  |  2-3pm  (#21137
RES $58/NR $87
Add some Creative Fun to your schedule! Basic drawing, portrait and cartoon styles are combined with different drawings every class. This fun and nurturing setting will challenge and empower your young artist.
Kids 1-Day Spring Break Workshop 
Ages 5-13
Tu   Mar 31  |  9am-3pm (#21072)
Th   Apr 2  |  9am-3pm (#21073) 

Learn all the techniques for creating a beautiful
masterpiece using acrylic paints on a canvas
board. Supplies included. Bring a sack lunch and a
roll of paper towels. Held at Tony & Friends Art Studio.
Fairy Garden 101
Ages 5+
Sa    Mar 7  |  10-11am
$35   (#20694)

How dreary the world would be if there were no fairies. Upgrade your backyard by planting your own fairy garden with the help of garden experts. Each participant will receive a pot, soil moss and stones, choice of three fairy garden accessories and three plants to create their own garden. Held at Heinz Brother Greenhouse.

NEW! Mosaic Pot 
Ages 4+
Sa    Mar 7  |  1:30-2:30pm
$14   (#20696)
Let your little artist create a beautiful masterpiece on a clay pot. Then add indoor house plants that you can enjoy all year long. Held at Heinz Brothers Greenhouse.
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Broadway Kids Workshop - Madagascar
Ages 5-8
Tu   Mar 3-Apr 21  |   4:30-5:30pm
$135   (#22101)

Explore the outlandish world of King Julien's Madagascar and bound onto the stage in the musical adventure of a lifetime! We will focus on acting, singing, dancing and building on performance skills. Family and friends are invited to a showcase on the last day of class. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.

Exploring Acting Fundamentals I
Ages 5-8
W   Mar 4-Apr 22  |  4:30-5:30pm
$135   (#22104)

Recommended for new or beginning acting students who want to participate in the next play or musical. Learn the fundamentals of acting through sensory, observation and relaxation exercises and games. Beginning actors will learn and practice good habits of basic stage movement. blocking and body work in order to learn to move and act with purpose. This class provides actors with the groundwork to take the stage with confidence and culminates with a fun mini showcase on the last day of class. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.

Moana Jr.
Ages 9-18
Mar 13-May 17   | 5:30-8:30pm
$250 (#22105)

Disney's Moana Jr. is a musical based on the 2016 Disney animated movie Moana, about the strongwilled daughter of the chief of a Polynesian village, who is chosen by the ocean itself to reunite a mystical relic with a goddess. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.
(attend one) Mar 13, 5:30-8:30pm OR
Mar 15, 5:30-8:30pm
Rehearsals: M/W, 5:30-8:30pm and Sat, 1-4pm
Tech Week: Sa, May 9, 1-4pm,
May 11-14, 5:30- 8:30pm
Shows: May 15, 7:30pm, May 16, 4pm & 7:30pm, May 17, 4pm
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Spring Break Dance Camp
Ages 6-12 
M-F     Mar 30-Apr 3  |  9am-12pm
Learn a variety of dance moves and technique in hip hop, poms, musical theatre, ballet and jazz. Your happy feet keep moving to fast-paced and fun music. Make a dance-themed craft too. Bring a healthy snack and water bottle.
M-F (all days): 
RES $99/NR $149  (#22155)

Individual days: 
RES $20/NR $30 per day

M    Mar 30: Ballet   (#21821)
Tu   Mar 31: Jazz   (#21823)
W    Apr 1: Hip Hop   (#21822)
Th   Apr 2: Poms   (#21825)
F     Apr 3: Musical Theater   (#21824)

Dance Movie Night
Ages 5-18
F     Mar 20  |  5-7pm
RES $10/NR $25 (#21818)
Join us for a fun night watching a movie with friends and dance staff! Bring a pillow and blanket and dress cozy while we watch a dance-themed kids' movie together. Popcorn provided! Advance registration required.
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Soccer Camp
Ages 6-8
F     Mar 30-Apr 3  |   3-5pm   (#21164)
Ages 9-12
F     Mar 30-Apr 3  |  3-5pm   (#21165)
RES $97/NR $146

Based on the U.S. Soccer National Youth Module, this program is designed to improve a player's ability to dribble and move or pass the soccer ball in a team environment. Bring gym shoes, soccer ball size 4, shin guards and a water bottle. Held at Sportsplex.

Baseball Camp
Ages 6-8
M-F    Mar 30-Apr 3  |  9:30-11:30am   (#21168)
Ages 9-12
M-F    Mar 30-Apr 3  |  9:30-11:30am  (#21169)
RES $97/NR $146

Designed to keep you moving and learning at all times! Practice throwing, hitting, fielding and running bases. To build confidence and improve skill development, a batting tee will be removed after a few classes. Bring a water bottle and glove. Held at Sportsplex.

Arena Football Camp
Ages 6-7
M-F    Mar 30-Apr 3  |  12:30-2:30pm   (#21166)
Ages 8-9
M-F    Mar 30-Apr3  |  12:30-2:30pm   (#21167)
RES $97/NR $146

Learn both offensive and defensive moves while trying out every position without the risk of major injuries in this fun and safe environment! Instructors will focus on the proper mechanics of running pass routes, receiving, line play; taking hand offs, throwing techniques and basic rules of game play. The importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship are highly emphasized. Contact is minimal, there will be no tackling. Bring a water bottle. Wear knee pads. Held at Sportsplex.
Developmental Soccer League
Ages 6-8
Sa    Apr 4-May 16  |  2:20-3:30pm   (#20927)
Ages 9-12
Sa    Apr 4-May 16  |  2:20-3:30pm   (#20928)
RES $108/NR $158

Based on the U.S. Soccer National Youth Module, this program is designed to improve a player's ability to dribble and move or pass the soccer ball in a team environment. Players will only play for one hour within the designated time slot. Fee includes t-shirt and trophy. Bring soccer cleats, soccer ball size 4, shin guards and a water bottle. Held at East Side Sports Complex.
Hockey - Level 1
Ages 6-8
Th     Mar 5-May 7*  |  6:30-7pm  (#21101)
Sa     Mar 7-May 7*  |  10:40-11:10am  (#21100)
Learn the fundamentals of hockey skating - maneuvering faster, becoming more agile, using proper sports skating techniques and developing successful game situations. Required equipment: hockey skates, gloves and certified hockey helmet (ice approved). Pucks will not be used. Held at Fox Valley Ice Arena.
*No class Apr 25 & May 2

Ice Skating - Level 1
Ages 6-17
Th     Mar 12-April 16* | 6:30-7pm (#21988)
Sa     Mar 14-April 18* | 10:40-11:10am (#21989)
Learn the basics of figure skating, both forward and back movements, and balance techniques. Practice falling and getting up, marching, foot glides, forward swizzles, backward wiggles and beginning snowplow stops. Progress to one-foot glides, two-foot turns, forward slaloms and beginning two-foot spins. Held at Fox Valley Ice Arena.
*No class Apr 25 & 27 and May 2 & 4 

Ages 7-14
TuTh     Mar 3-26  |  4:30-5:30pm  (#21270)  
TuTh     Apr 7-23  |   4:30-5:30pm  (#22076
RES $80/NR $120

Learn basic skills including stance, guard, movement, jab, cross and hook with an emphasis on cardio calisthenics, shadow boxing, bag work, partner drills, pad work and core strengthening exercises. Learn self-defense tools and gain self-confidence while k eeping physically fit. *Meet at 1920 Dean Street.

Baseball 101
Ages 7-10
W   Apr 8-May  |  13 5:15-6pm
RES $70/NR $105 (#22051)

Learn the early skills of Baseball! Players will learn throwing mechanics as well as batting stance, bat positioning and speed, using both live pitching and hitting off the tee. Players will learn various positions in the field through game play and basic in game strategy. Players should bring their own gloves, and be ready for a fun, fast paced learning environment.

GameTime Basketball
Ages 9-12
Th    Apr 9-May 21  |  6-7pm
RES $60/NR $90  (#22055)

One of the best ways to develop your basketball skills is through game play, and in Game Time you do just that. Each week, basketball players are challenged through various games included 1-on-1, 3-on-3 and 5-on-5. Coaches referee and guide the class to enhance the players understanding of the game.
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