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Saturday, September 7
James O. Breen Community Park
A rare chance to view the inner workings of the trucks, cars and tractors that are usually only viewed from a distance. Emergency vehicles, a garbage truck, street sweeper, tractor, dump truck, and crane may be among the many workhorses on display. Representatives will be on hand to offer 'tours' and answer questions about some of the equipment.
Bring your camera!

Fun 'FORE' Everyone!
 Aug 17-Sep 29 
Visit for hours and fees.

Saturday, September 14  |  10am
Wredling Middle School
Ages 3-7   
RES $12/NR $18 per participant 
On Your Mark...Get Set...Go! Calling future Olympians! Organized by age, tots will participate in four running events and one field event. While this track meet is semi-competitive, all contenders are winners. Raindate: September 21.
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Age 3
Age 4
Age 5
Age 6-7
Held at Primrose Farm, 5N726 Crane Road, St. Charles. 
Cheer and Pom
Ages 4-10
M            Sep 9-Oct 7  |  6-6:45pm
RES $80/NR $120  (#19959)

Girls, have you always wished you could learn cheer and pom routines just like the older girls, but there wasn't a class available for your age group? Well, now is your chance! Have a great time learning simple cheers, partner stunts and an awesome pom routine. No experience necessary. All you need to bring is your strong voice and enthusiastic spirit. Poms available for purchase in class.
Magic Class
Ages 5-13
W            Oct 16  |  6:45-7:40pm     
RES $20/NR $30   (#19892)
Learn a collection of age-appropriate, fascinating and mesmerizing tricks! Amaze family and friends using cards, ropes, coins, mind reading and more. While some tricks may appear difficult, discover how easy they are to learn and perform. Materials provided; participants receive a take-home magic kit. Brand new tricks each session! Held at Batavia Park District - Eastside Community Center.  

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NEW! Young Rembrandts Drawing Workshop
Ages 6-12
Sa     Sep 7-28  |  2-3pm   (#19988)
Sa     Oct 5-26  |  2-3pm   (#19989)
RES $58/NR $87

Add some Creative Fun to your schedule! Basic drawing, portrait and cartoon styles are combined with different drawings every class. This fun and nurturing setting will challenge and empower your young artist.
Beginner Sewing Workshops
Ages 7+
S ew a Panda: Th  Sep 5  |  7:30-8:30pm  ( #19966)
Sew a Fox: Tu   Oct 1  |  6:30-7:30pm  ( #20061)
RES $21/NR $32

Learn sewing machine basics as you create a simple project using newly acquired knowledge of sewing machines, seams and finishing techniques. All supplies and sewing machines provided. Sign up for one or all!
NEW! Life-Size Scarecrow
Ages 5+
Su      Oct 6  |  1-2:30pm   (#19967)
Tu       Oct 15  |  4:30-6pm   (#20066)
Sa      Oct 19  |  2-3:30pm   (#20067)

What's a better way to start off the fall season then to make a life-sized scarecrow? This is a fantastic class for all ages! Heinz Brothers will provide everything needed to make your own life-size scarecrow, so come ready to have fun without the headache of cleaning up. Parents do not need to register but must accompany their child.
Held at Heinz Brothers Greenhouse.

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NEW! Broadway Minis Workshop - Pocahontas
Ages 4-6
M     Sep 9-Oct 28  |  4-5pm
$135   (#19995)

Paint with all the Colors of The Wind, just around the riverbend in this Pocahontas themed workshop. Learn to channel and embrace your natural talents while learning the basics in acting, singing and dancing. Family and friends are invited to a showcase on the last day of class. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.
Broadway Kids Workshop 
Maui, Moana and Friends
Ages 5-8
Tu     Sep 3-Oct 22  |  4-5pm
$135   (#19996)

See "How Far You'll Go" when you sing, dance and act out scenes from Disney's Moana! Learn theatre games and acting exercises to build a foundation for performing for an audience. Family and friends are invited to a showcase on the last day of class. Don't forget to say "You're Welcome" as you take a bow. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.
Broadway Jr. Workshops - Shrek
Ages 8-12
W     Sep 4-Oct 23  |  4:30-5:30pm
$135   (#20337)

Students will explore scenes and songs from different musicals. We will focus on acting, singing and dancing, while building on performance skills. Family and friends are invited to a showcase on the last day of class. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.
NEW! Exploring Acting Fundamentals
Ages 5-8
Tu      Sep 3-Oct 22  |  4:20-5:20pm   (#20344)
Tu      Oct 29-Dec 17  |  4:20-5:30pm   (#20345)

Recommended for new or beginning acting students who want to participate in the next play or musical. Learn the fundamentals of acting through sensory, observation and relaxation exercises and games. Beginning actors will learn and practice good habits of basic stage movement, blocking and body work in order to learn to move and act with purpose. This class provides actors with the groundwork to take the stage with confidence and culminates with a fun mini showcase on the last day of class. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.

Exploring Performance Acting
Ages 9-14
W     Sep 4-Oct 23  |  4:20-5:20pm
$135  (#20346)

Recommended for students who are currently in or planning to participate in a play or musical production. Individualized coaching on techniques and methods will help find and fix performance gaps. The second half of class will focus on character work an developing a scene or monologue to engage the audience. Invite family and friends to see your performance on the last day of class. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.

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Held at Sportsplex, 1400 Foundry Street, St. Charles.
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Developmental Soccer League
Ages 6-7
Sa        Sep 7-Oct 19  |  2:20-3:30pm          
RES $108/NR $158   (#20421)

Ages 8-9
Sa        Sep 7-Oct 19 | 2:20-3:30pm          
RES $108/NR $158   (#20422)

Based on the U.S. Soccer National Youth Module, this program is designed to improve a player's ability to dribble and move or pass the soccer ball in a team environment. Fee includes t-shirt and trophy. Bring soccer cleats, soccer ball size 4, shin guards and a water bottle. Held at East Side Sports Complex.

Coach Pitch Baseball League
Ages 5-7
M        Sep 9-Oct 21  |  5:45-7pm
RES $100/NR $150   (#20174)

This league is designed to give players their first opportunities to be involved with baseball as a team sport. While the focus will be on playing games, having fun and learning the rules, the mechanics of throwing, fielding, base-running and batting will also be heavily emphasized. Every player will get the opportunity to play each position as teams are kept small so that there is no sitting while players are in the field defensively. This will be an introduction to live pitching from a coach but a batting T may still be used. Held at Sportsplex.
Flag Football League
Ages 6-11
ThSa     Sep 7-Oct 19  |  1-4pm
Ages 6-7: (#20375)
Ages 8-9: (#20376)
Ages 10-12: (#20377)
Learn the game of football in this safe football league. Each participant will be evaluated on the first day to form balanced teams. All Star Sports Instruction will provide the head coaches, if parents would like to help out, please notify staff on the first day of practice. Games will be played in a format that gives each player a chance to play the line, be a receiver and play backfield. Held at Geneva High School.

Dodgeball Skills
Ages 6-9
M        Sep 9-Oct 21  |  4:45-5:45pm          
RES $76/NR $114   (#20173)

This exciting game is on the rise again and is much different than your parent's dodgeball! New rules, tactics, and different games will be played with a safe and soft Gator Skin ball. Our dodgeball program focuses on speed and agility and promises that no one sits around! Held at Sportsplex.

Ages 7-14
W        Sep 25-Oct 9  |  4-5pm   (#20299)
W        Nov 6-20 | 4-5pm   (#20301)
RES $60/NR $90

Boys and girls are taught basic skills for boxing. Basic boxing fundamentals such as stance, guard, movement, jab, cross, and hook are taught. The class has an emphasis on cardio calisthenics, shadow boxing, bag work, partner drills, pad work and core strengthening exercises. The class has been designed to provide self-defense tools as well as a greater self-confidence while keeping them physically fit.
Basketball Clinic 101
Ages 7-9
Th        Sep 12-Oct 24  |  5:45-6:30pm        
RES $70/NR $105  (#20455)

Learn the early skills of basketball! Players will learn how to shoot, dribble, pass, along with the basic rules of the game. All instruction is game/drill oriented with mini games and scrimmages played every week. This class if for the basketball beginner looking to understand the game, learn new skills and have fun! Please bring a water bottle to class.
*No Class Nov 28

Basketball Clinic 301
Ages 9-12  
Th        Sep 12-Oct 24  |  6:30-7:30pm        
RES $90/NR $135  (#20448)

Class will be conducted with various guard/post techniques to develop passing, shooting and dribbling in game situations. Defensive instruction included man-to-man, denying the ball, helpline and boxing out. Athletes qualified for Basketball 301 should possess intermediate shooting and dribbling skills, a basic understand of the game and are looking for a more competitive basketball experience.
*No Class Nov 28
Travel Basketball Training
Ages 8-12
Th        Sep 12-Oct 24  |  7:30-8:30pm        
RES $90/NR $135  (#20449)

Players play a variety of full court games from 3-on-3 to 5-on-5, helping them excel at game concepts such as transition, defense, offensive moves and working with teammates. Each week, players start with skill and technique development followed by game play. This program is designed to prepare athletes for travel basketball.
*No Class Nov 28
Little Tigers Taekwondo
Ages 5-9
Sa        Sep 7-Dec 7  |  9-9:45am  
$120   (#20287)

The perfect blend of fun and learning! Increase attention span, build confidence, improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills, and develop sharing and social skills. Classes become more challenging as each child demonstrates the readiness to accept more complex skills. These fast-paced and fun-filled classes serve as a strong foundation in all aspects of life. Held at Geneva Park District - Persinger Rec Center.
*No Class Oct 26 & Nov 30
Ice Skating - Basic 1
Ages 6-17
Th        Aug 29-Oct 17 | 6:30-7pm   (#19980)
Sa        Aug 31-Oct 19 | 10:40-11:10am   (#19981)
Th        Oct 24-Jan 2* | 6:30-7pm   (#19982)
Sa        Oct 26-Jan 4* | 10:40-11:10am   (#19983)

Learn the basics of figure skating, both forward and back movements, and balance techniques. Practice falling and getting up, marching, foot glides, forward swizzles, backward wiggles and beginning snowplow stops. Progress to one-foot glides, two-foot turns, forward slaloms and beginning two-foot spins. Held at Fox Valley Ice Arena.
*No class Oct 31, Nov 2, 28 & 30 and Dec 26 & 28

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All nature programs below are held at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, 3795 Campton Hills Road, St. Charles.
Scopes in the City
All Ages
Sa    Sep 21  |  7:30-9pm 
FREE but please register (#19871)

Take a Child Outside and observe the night sky! Adler Planetarium astronomers will have you looking up in awe. Telescope observing from 7:30- 9:00 pm is free and open to all (weather permitting). Free, but please register.

Come Play With Me
All Ages
Su    Sep 29  |  12-3pm
FREE -- Drop In

Celebrate Take a Child Outside Week (TACO) by bringing your favorite kiddos out for some exploration and games at Hickory Hideout, Hickory Knolls' nature play area. Mix your best mud pie, dig for dinosaur bones and balance your way around the tree stumps. Ongoing activities and additional loose parts play will be self-guided, but will have play facilitators on site to engage you and your young explorer. No registration required.
Walking TACO Hike
Ages 2+
Su    Sep 29  |  5:30-6:30pm     
RES $10/NR $15   (#19876)

Take a hike! Prepare a walking taco dinner and then enjoy a stroll along the trails on a naturalist-led hike. Work up an appetite for dessert as you discover what is happening in the surrounding prairie, wetland and forest.

Fantastic Forts 
Ages 7-12
M     Oct 14  |  1-3:30pm
RES $10/NR $15   (#19872
Take a hike... out to a secret spot to create a
hidden haven! Help nature by lopping invasive
species and then use your imagination and various
natural resources to build your own fort. Wear
long pants and closed-toed shoes.

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Starts September 20!