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Thank you for visiting Foxy Saltwater Tropical Fish and trusting us to supply marine life for your aquarium.   I am excited to add coral to our website.  Please check out what we have so far and give me your feedback along with suggestions or requests. I  will make it interesting with 20% off your order and a free emerald crab per order with the purchase of a coral. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.  

Use coupon code   foxy corals for 20% off your order. Coupon code expires 04/01/16.

New and exciting corals!  Free Emerald crab with every coral order.
We will be expanding and adding exotic life from around globe.  In addition to taking pictures and adding a wysiwyg page for some corals. Thank you for trusting Foxy Saltwater Tropical Fish for your saltwater aquarium needs.  

Now you can get amazing prices on healthy marine life with a low fixed price of $39.99 for overnight shipping. If you are some of our loyal dwarf seahorse customers or clean up crew enthusiast the 2 day shipping is still an option. Remember overnight shipping is best for all of the orders. Less time in the box equals less stress to the marine life.  

Looking forward to filling your order.

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Dwarf Seahorses

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Atlantic Blue Tang (small)

Our Price: $19.99

Foxy Saltwater Tropical Fish proudly offers the finest and healthiest Caribbean saltwater fish and invertebrates.  Our marine life is hand caught, medicated and inspected before shipping. Looking forward to filling your order.

Jason Fox
Foxy Saltwater Tropical Fish
Foxy Saltwater Tropical Fish