Dear Brothers and Sisters of St. Andrew the Apostle,

Thanks to all of you who responded to our request for adorers at our weekday Eucharistic Adoration. Sharon Sheehy, the coordinator of Adoration, told me of the many new names that signed up this week. We're still looking for adorers to commit to the same hour(s) each week to assure us that our schedule will be complete from week to week. While this takes a true commitment, it adds the blessing of a foundational time of prayer scheduled into your weekly calendar. Please contact Sharon at if you are interested and able to commit to a regular weekly hour of adoration or check out the online Adoration signup sheet.

This Sunday, October 25, we will hold our annual parish Holy Hour in the church at 3:00 PM. Previously, this event took place on a weekday, and I hope that moving it to Sunday makes it more accessible for parishioners to gather and pray. We will also be live-streaming the liturgy. Please join us as we pray together for our parish, our nation, and our Church. For those attending in person, please bring a rosary for personal prayer. In the past, we made rosaries available, but due to coronavirus precautions that will not be possible this year.

In other news, this week it was publicized that Pope Francis made comments in a documentary seemingly condoning civil unions between same-sex couples. At the time I write this, we do not have the full context of the Pope's comments, but I will admit that they are confusing if not troubling. However, we must refrain from judging the Pope as a heretic or an apostate. Our media acts to bring out strong responses in us, and we are often too willing to react in such a way before understanding the situation.

To some, it appears that the Pope is supporting same-sex marriage or same-sex relations, which would be a reversal of a moral truth that has always been taught by the Church. It would also be a reversal of what Pope Francis has taught as Pope and Archbishop of Buenos Aires, which is that marriage is always between a man and a woman. Some would jump to the conclusion that the Pope is changing the Church's teaching on the sinfulness of homosexual activity. There is no proof of that; an out of context quote in a documentary cannot change the dogmatic teaching of the Church.

At this point, until I have more context, I will postpone making a judgment on what the Pope's words mean. That's probably good practice for all of us, although I will admit that it is difficult when there is confusion about a topic about which we want to be clear.

We pray for Pope Francis at every Mass said throughout the world. Let us continue to pray for him, that he may guide Christ's Church as the Holy Spirit guides him, and do so with clarity and consistency.

Bishop Burbidge has offered a statement on the Pope's comments.

Finally, this weekend the Knights of Columbus will host a recruiting drive at the parish. The founder of the Knights of Columbus, Fr. Michael McGivney, will be beatified on October 31, 2020, in Hartford, CT. He founded the Knights of Columbus as a group of Catholic men who serve the community, promote vocations, and protect the life of the unborn. They also build up fraternity within their brother Knights and support each other in their mission to grow in holiness. Fr. Bresnahan will be speaking about the Knights of Columbus after all of the Masses this weekend. I encourage all men from the parish to consider joining the Knights for the good of their families, the parish, and the nation.
Be assured of my prayers for you and your intentions. Please continue to pray for Fr. Bresnahan, for me, and for the continued conversion of all of us here at St. Andrew's.

In Christ,
Fr. Wagner