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Did you know that Alternative HR can assist your HR efforts, or even serve as your HR department?

One of the most innovative concepts in business over the past several years is the idea of Fractional HR for small to medium sized businesses. The idea is simple. Many employers need professional HR support, but they cannot justify hiring a full-time HR professional. The answer? Retain a part-time HR professional.


You may not know this, but Alternative HR, LLC was one of the very first in the nation to pioneer and deliver Fractional HR to businesses, non-profits and public entities, and we’ve been doing that successfully for 30 years!


Alternative HR is a team of HR professionals who look very much like an HR department, but who support the HR functions of dozens of employers every month – on a ‘fractional’ basis. Helping those employers with everything from compliance to compensation, recruiting to performance issues, benefits, coaching and strategic planning.


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Most of our Fractional HR clients have 30-100 employees, which means they have HR issues that need to be managed, but they cannot justify hiring a full-time HR professional. We are a high-impact and cost-effective alternative!


Alternative HR Welcomes Rhonda Toft!

Alternative HR is pleased to welcome Rhonda Toft, HR Consultant, to their team!

Rhonda Toft brought thirty years of high-level human resources experience when she joined Alternative HR in 2023. Rhonda began her HR career with SPS Payment Systems in Sioux Falls. She then spent time as HR Director at Specialized Card Services and Household Finance – later acquired by HSBC, an international banking system headquartered in London.


With HSBC, Rhonda was an Employee Relations Specialist in both the United States and Canada and rose to the level of Vice President within the organization. She has a wide range of HR skills, including significant experience advising workplace leaders, resolving management and employee issues, and conducting workplace investigations. Rhonda is extremely knowledgeable in employment law, workplace policies, compensation issues and organizational culture. She has also provided executive level coaching and strategic support within the organizations she has served.

With Alternative HR, Rhonda helps businesses, non-profits and public entities utilize HR ‘best practices’ to build and develop their teams of people. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Executive Leadership
  •  Employee Relations
  • Workplace Investigations
  • National and Global HR Management
  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Rhonda has a BA in Business Management with an Emphasis in HR from the University of Sioux Falls.

Rhonda can be reached at

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