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Longer Days & More Light
Spring 2018


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Dear friends,

Welcome to spring! Man, it's been a long time coming here to New England, but sure enough, I had a thrill to see first crocuses pushing up through the hard winter soil and pussy willows in our yard, with delicate branches reaching out proud with their wee bundles of gray fur.

We recently had the great pleasure of traveling and teaching in Hawaii and meandering around the Pacific Northwest a bit between teaching weekends. Teaching natural medicine and homeopathy around the world brings us in touch with so many incredible, smart, compassionate people. We always learn just about as much as we teach.

Drs.Rothenberg & Herscu teaching at Hawaii Doc Talks
With longer days and more light and an overdue release from cabin fever, many people are out doing yard work, picking up the outdoor exercise routine, or hitting local playgrounds. Generally this is all good, but accidents happen too. I hope you will enjoy the piece below about one of our now grown children, when as a toddler, he suffered a broken leg. It can be hard to be a doctor and a mother at the same time, but it's also true that each lends insight to the other!

We hope to see you soon. Come study with us! Send ideas for topics you'd like to read about. Enjoy your own spring unfolding!

Waking up in Amherst, Amy (& Paul)
Sticks & Stones Can Break a Bone
Fractures happen: Here's how to help your body heal them
by Amy Rothenberg, ND 
When my children were little, I decided to hire an au pair for one year. My youngest was one, the next was two, and the eldest was three and a half. The household was a bit nutty and my husband was traveling a lot teaching homeopathy! I felt that with another pair of hands around, my kids would get more attention and care, and I would be able to enjoy motherhood a bit more.

When our 20-year-old Austrian gal arrived, we were happy to welcome her into our family. That very first day we gathered the troops and headed to the local playground. Up and down slides, pushing kids on the swings, drawing with sticks in the sandbox - we were having a fun afternoon! My three-year-old daughter loved the zip glide she had recently mastered grasping the small handle with both hands, holding on tightly with her legs dangling, and then zipping along a structure about four feet off the ground. With a bit of a push, off she'd go, screaming "wheeeee," as she sped along the track.

My two-year-old son was entranced. He was not yet strong enough to hold on all the way across, but he sure wanted to grip that little handle too and have one of us grab him around the middle and run with him along the length of the glide. The au pair must not have noticed that I'd been holding onto him as we zipped along; she put him up on the glide and gave him one good shove. I saw him holding on just as long as those little fingers could grasp. To my horror, as he lost his grip, that chubby toddler went flailing and cascading to the ground into a broken heap. He starting wailing-more than usual for him-and holding the bottom of his leg yelling, "Owie!"

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Featured NESH Alumni for February and March 2018     

We are delighted to highlight the work and other passions of our wonderful NESH alumni. We are thrilled to have been part of their education and training. Our goal is to keep creating and supporting members of our NESH family and to generate ongoing opportunities and exposure for the people we love whose work we respect. Enjoy!
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June 8-10 and November 16-18, 2018
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2018 Weekends will focus on Under 21:
This year the clinical classes will focus on patients from latency through age 21. This time of tremendous change and development offers the homeopath a unique opportunity to offer help and support. Some of the challenges of this life phase are typical physical body complaints like atopic dermatitis, asthma, GI complaints, headaches, hypertension, and menstrual issues. And, increasingly we seen teens with issues of anxiety, depression, self-harming, sexual promiscuity, ADHD, drug and alcohol abuse, and educational difficulties who can be helped with homeopathy. We will also venture into the touchy subject of parenting through that time, essential do's and don'ts that you can share with the parents of your teens. We hope you will join us for these two weekends as we take up the study of those Under 21

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