May 4, 2022
District leaders share draft of Learner Profile
At the May 3 Barrington 220 Board of Education meeting, district leaders provided the Board with an update on the district's strategic planning process "Framework 220".
Last month a group of 50 stakeholders representing business leaders, university leaders, parents, staff and students came together for Phase 2 of the process “Learner Profile Development”. A Learner Profile articulates the critical skills and competencies the district aspires to develop within its students.
This past weekend a group of about 100 stakeholders came together for a two-day Framework 220 Summit, which focused on the development of Barrington 220's mission, vision and strategic priorities, as well as the Learner Profile.
Based on the feedback, district leaders presented this draft of a Learner Profile to the Board. The district will be seeking additional feedback from community members over the next few weeks. Stay tuned to learn how you can provide your feedback. Click here to listen to the full presentation.
Lines student selected "Star-Spangled Student"
At the May 3 Board meeting, Arnett C. Lines Elementary student Ellie Stutler led meeting attendees in reciting the pledge of allegiance. This is part of an initiative at Board meetings called the "Star-Spangled Student" which recognizes exemplary students. Ellie is a 3rd grader at Lines. Staff members say she is a leader who is kind and supportive to all her classmates. She is always willing to help, whether it's helping to stack all of her classmates' chairs at the end of the school day, or getting involved in class/school donation efforts. In her free time, Ellie is a member of student council and plays travel soccer. Congrats Ellie! Click here to listen to the recognition.
Board approves 2023-24 academic calendar
In order to make planning easier for families, each year the Board makes an effort to approve school calendars in advance. At its May 3 meeting, the Board approved the academic calendar for the 2023-24 school year. Click here to view the 2023-24 calendar.
To view the academic calendar for next school year (2022-23), click here.
Board and Dr. Hunt thank Barrington 220 staff
This week is National Staff and Teacher Appreciation Week. At the May 3 Board meeting, Board members thanked the Barrington 220 staff for their hard work and dedication, as did Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Robert Hunt. "Our staff works so hard to create a great educational experience for our kids every day," Dr. Hunt said. "Great educators care deeply about students and are willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure their success. We are fortunate to have these individuals throughout Barrington 220."
Board meets new BHS student council liaison
At its May 3 meeting, the Board said goodbye to BHS Junior Sarah Bauernfreund, who served as the BHS Student Council Board Liaison for the 2021-22 school year. Olivia Felfle, who is currently a BHS sophomore, will fill the position for the 2022-23 school year. The role of the Student Council Board Liaison is to provide high school updates to the Board of Education at meetings. Pictured: Sarah (left) and Olivia (right).