No. 136
Oct. 6, 2018
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KFC has yet another new mascot!
09/17/18  The Drum

We have seen George Hamilton, Jason Alexander and a host of other comedians and even Reba McEntire as new iterations on Colonel Sanders, but now, let us introduce you to Colonel "Honey" Bear, an entirely new twist on the original Colonel.
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Papa John's introduces the Halloween Pizza
10/14/18 Thrillist

Papa John's may have lost its founder but it hasn't lost its' "Holiday Spirit". Get it? "spirit"!  Boo!.  read story

Who is the fastest of them all?  Chic-Fil-A will be disappointed!
10/15/18 Tristate

This is a shocker.  If you are like me, all I see are cars flowing through Chic-Fil-A.  Read on to see where your favorite drive-thru brand stands in this competition.....  read story


Want a real dessert with your pizza?  Call Pizza Hut!
10/13/18 - CNBC

Pizza Hut used to put cinnamon on pie dough and call it dessert.  Now, they have decided to offer a real dessert in a partnership with Cinnabon!  Who doesn't like Cinnabon?... read story