No. 135
Sept. 27, 2018
Latest Stories

Dunkin' Donuts is Eliminating a "D" in its name!  What?
09/25/18  CNN Money

Dunkin" Donuts has decided to change it's name by deleting one of the "D"s.  We are not sure how that works,but if you are interested in hearing their side of the story, click here............ read story  

Arby's now has more than "The Meats"
09/25/18 CNBC
So if Arby's and Sonic got together will they change their name to "Sarby's" or change their motto to "We Have the Meats & More"?...  read story

Look Out, Chick fil-A'!  Burger King is coming for you!
09/22/18 Fox News

Whoa!  Did anyone see this coming?  Other chains like Shake Shack, Cracker Barrel and KFC has added this item but now Burger King is adding this to their menu too......  read story


Pizza Hut plans it's NFL strategy and much more
09/04/18 - CNBC

If you are watching football, or really, just TV in general, you will notice Pizza Hut advertisements everywhere.  Not only have they now sponsored with the NFL but they are planning many more innovative promotions... read story