No. 134
April 25, 2018
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Pizza Hut Picks Up After Papa John's with the NFL Draft

After the NFL and Papa John's split-up, Pizza Hut is gearing up for its' first big promotion at the NFL draft ..... read story  

Burger King is Coming After KFC & McDonald's
04/25/18 CNBC
Burger King is ramping up to better compete with KFC and MacDonald's and it looks like it's strategy is starting to gain traction...  read story

The Crispy Colonel is Back!  Wait till you get a whiff of this ad!
04/23/18 Fast Company

Who knew the Colonel could sing?  Watch KFC's new video advertisement to see! .  read story

Taco Bell knows the future of advertising.  Get ready for a ride on the Taco Bell Space Station!
04/22/18 - The Verge

Have you ever wondered how advertising will evolve in the future?  Get ready to find out by taking an imaginary ride on the Taco Bell Space Station!..... read story