September 2021 | Volume 1, No. 1
Message from the Co-Presidents
Since our June 2021 virtual Federation Conference the National Board has been engaged in beginning the implementation of the resolution passed by the membership: “to spend the next year in a transformational process” Click here to see the entire Resolution.

A new era has begun: with a new Co-Presidency, two additional Board members, Liz Hughes (from the ELFO group) and Jeanne Connolly (from the Emergents group), and the establishment of the Transformation Task Force. This year, to honor the request for Board transparency and greater communication, Musings will be suspended. The Board will offer regular National Board Bulletins, to highlight progress in our transformation efforts, of which this is the first.

Co-Presidents Srs. Suzanne Kush, CSSF and Kathy Warren, OSF, will work closely together with each taking the lead responsibility for specific areas:

Sr. Suzanne Kush, CSSF: National Office, Website, Finance
Sr. Kathy Warren, OSF: Transformation Task Force and AFC 2022

We will be inviting our membership to join us in moving forward our bold and creative proposal and look forward to your participation.

Finally, this year’s challenging and timely JPIC Resolution on Confronting Racism With a Franciscan Heart is available by clicking here.
Transformation Task Force
Sr. Margaret Carney, OSF, Chairperson, has named the members of the Task Force:

Sr. Deborah Lockwood, OSF
Member of the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity, St. Francis Province, Redwood City, CA.  Current ministry: Provincial Councilor; President of IFC-TOR. Professional experience: Pastoral Ministry; General Minister

Fr. Brian Terry, OSA
Minister General of the Friars of the Atonement, A Special background in Sacramental Theology, Developmental Psychology, Fine and Performing Arts. Past President of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men. Member of the National Religious Office Assistance Review Committee.

Sr. Pat George, OSF
Rochester Franciscan—about to make first profession. Member of Emergents. Excellent professional background and communications expertise (20 years in telecommunications as an International Vice-President, Operations with AT&T Wireless). More recently with the Diocese of Sacramento; Pastoral Ministry

Br. Damian Novello, OSF
Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn. Vicar of his Congregation. Previously served as co-executive director of Federation. Regional rep to CMSM.

Sr. Kathy Warren, OSF – Liaison from the National Board
The Task Force has developed a two phased plan to create new Federation structures with recommendations about implementation – to be presented to the membership at the June 2022 Conference. Regular communication with membership as well as “listening sessions” is a critical part of the process. Phase one, to be completed by the end of December, consists of an examination of the current structures of the Federation through a self-evaluation by the Board, Commissions and Committees. In phase two (January – June 2022), based on the information about needed changes, with Board input and agreement, the Task Force will proceed to design a revised model of Federation structures to be implemented after the 2022 Assembly. As was done in preparation for the 2021 Conference, participation from membership will be a vital part of this process.
Executive Leaders of Franciscan Organizations (ELFO)
Nine Elected Leaders of Franciscan Organizations met together from Fall, 2020 – May, 2021, to discuss common goals, challenges and needs. If many national Franciscan organizations faced the same problems, could solutions be developed by a cooperative effort? This was the question they wanted to answer. Click here to read their honest and hopeful report.
Emergent Group Executive Summary
In July of 202 the Franciscan Federation Emergent Group planning committee organized a series of conversations among 30 participants including diverse voices representing the spectrum of the Franciscan family. The goal of these meetings was to explore newly emerging expressions of living Franciscan values and life for the 21st century.  Click here to read their dynamic and informative report.
Congratulations to the Winners of Our AFC 2021 Drawings
Assisi Pilgrimage: Margaret (Meg) Earsley, FSPA
AFC Registration: Margaret Magee, OSF (Allegheny)
AFC Registration: Pat Millen, OSF (Philadelphia)
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