Sr. Ilia Delio Tells St. Clare's Story

During their time in formation, the missioners learn a significant amount about the life and spirituality of St. Francis, but St. Clare's life is a topic that often gets combined with that of St. Francis. This week, the missioners in formation and the DC Service Corps volunteers had the opportunity to learn about St. Clare from an expert on the subject: Sr. Ilia Delio. Her book, Clare of Assisi: a Heart Full of Love was required reading for the missioners during their formation, but Sr. Ilia took the opportunity to give a more concise retelling of St. Clare's life and spirituality during Tuesday's session. Sr. Ilia spoke about St. Clare's immense contribution to Franciscan spiritually, especially her emphasis on Christocentric theology, as opposed to St. Francis's Theocentric one. Sr. Ilia also emphasized the equality and close relationship that existed between St. Francis and St. Clare, which is often brushed over in historical retellings. The Casa community was greatly impacted by the session, and Tori Wangler, a DC Service Corps Volunteer, said: