September 1st, 2020 Vending Technology News
By Jeff Adair, Editor

GReT Smart vending machines are low on heavy machinery and high on performance. Contactless. Cashless. No expensive Touchscreen or cashless payment solution is needed.

Users can buy multiple products, make cashless payments, and get smart personalised offers. It is e-commerce with instant product delivery.

GReT also offers a demand based secure management portal for warehouse operations, prekitting and more. Built-in forecasting and user dashboards enable smart operations and help eliminate out-of-stock positions.  The service is subscriptiom based with no app installation necessary. 

Frank Yang was always a visionary before Covid-19 because his company, Simplehuman, was at the forefront of developing touch–free technology that was gradually becoming a way of life for everyone.

During the pandemic, Simplehuman has experienced a greater demand for its products because touchless technology has stopped being a ‘nice to have’ technology and turned into something that’s a ‘must–have’ technology in the world today.

Since founding his company in 2000, Yang has worked hard to develop touchless technology that adapts to human behavior and becomes an effortless part of our daily lives.  

One of the top challenges that the vending and many self service industries have continued to face in 2020 is the threat of counterfeit money use.

Unfortunately, it has only continued to increase because of the unscrupulous people continuing to search for ways to get free food or beverages from vending machines without using real currency.

Projected Growth By 2027 – USD 4.99 Billion

Thanks to recent data from, we know that the counterfeit money detection market was valued at USD 3.06 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to USD 4.99 billion by 2027 (6.8% CAGR).

What’s driving the growth? 

There are more ways for consumers to pay than ever before including vending, POS terminals, gaming machines, self-checkout machines, vehicle parking machines, and automatic fare collection machines.  

Are you searching for the latest technology that you can use to grow your Micro Market or Vending Business? If so, you should consider investing in PicoCooler, the latest innovation by 365 Markets.

PicoCooler Advantages

The 365 PicoCooler can give you the ability to grow your micro–market or vending business by offering a variety of option advantages, including the following: 

  • Controlled Access – With PicoCooler’s automatic locking and camera, you will never have to worry about you’re the security of your cooler again. 
  • Multiple Payment Options –  PicoCooler also makes it possible for you to offer your micro market customers multiple ways to pay including debit, credit, or your customer‘s favorite digital payment option so that you never have to concern yourself with losing sales again. 
  • Touchscreen – Your micro–market or vending customers can easily check–in or out using PicoCooler’s interactive touchscreen. 

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