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Franklin Elementary - 305 W. Lakeside Street, Madison, WI  53715-3024 - 608-204-2292
Dear Franklin Families:

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!  Thank you to our entire Franklin community for helping get our school year off to such an amazing start! I have felt an overwhelming sense of pride these past few days as I watched our four- and five-year old kindergarteners navigate new routines and our older students re-acquaint themselves with Franklin School and show our littlest learners the ropes. Many of you have already had an opportunity to meet with your child's teacher for their Ready Set Goal conference. This is such a valuable time for staff at Franklin to hear about your child and your hopes and dreams for them. As a school staff, we recognize the importance of building strong, trusting relationships as the foundation for all we do.

I am incredibly excited about our new Strategic Framework and the vision of MMSD for the next five years. Our core values at Franklin mirror those of our district: Excellence, belonging, racial equity and social justice, voice, focus, and creativity. Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) outlines how we, as a school staff, will work to build on these values as we support our students to grow academically, emotionally, and socially. I invite you to join me at the upcoming PTO meeting on Thursday, September 13th at 6:45 p.m. in Franklin's Library. John Wallace, principal at Randall, will join me in sharing more about our School Improvement Plans (SIPs), which are guidance documents for our work this school year. I hope to see you there!
Stay tuned for dates from your child's classroom teacher for their grade level open houses. This will be an opportunity to visit your child's classroom and have them show you around and tell you about their time at school.   We will also have a  Specials Open House again this year (P.E., Art, Music, Library/REACH) later in the fall. Stay tuned!

I want to leave you with our equity vision:

We believe all students will succeed when given tools, confidence, choice,
access, and support. Every person has a right to feel safe and engaged.
We value and affirm the cultures and differences that make up our school community.
Everyone belongs at Franklin and Randall Elementary Schools

I look forward to our year together. It is a pleasure to serve this wonderful community and it makes me proud to be a part of it all. Go Falcons!

Sylla Zarov
Principal, Franklin Elementary


I am so excited about our  new Strategic Framework and all that we have set out to do this school year and in the next phase of MMSD. Excellence. Belonging. Racial Equity and Social Justice. Voice. Focus. Creativity. These are our core values. And as you know, we are making an explicit commitment to Black Excellence.   

Jen Cheatham

Drop off begins at 7:30 each morning. Please do not drop off  in the bus drop off lane. This is the entire length of our painted yellow line on the sidewalk.  We need this space for our 7 buses.  You must drop off before or after the "No Parking" zone signs on Lakeside Street.  You may park on the opposite side of the street and use the CROSSWALKS to safely cross busy Lakeside Street.  Walking between the buses is extremely dangerous and is not a good model for our students. Please do not do this.  When dropping off on Potter Street in the mornings, please limit the time your car is parked there. As a courtesy to staff, the parking lot at Franklin is very small so often times staff have to park very far away.
The back parking lot is for MMSD staff only and the parking lot is not a place to drive through for student drop off.

Parking CANNOT occur for the entire length of our painted yellow line on the sidewalk .  We need the entire space for our 7 buses.  You must park before or after the "No Parking" zone on Lakeside Street.  You may park on the opposite side of the street and use the CROSSWALKS to safely cross busy Lakeside Street.  Walking between the buses is extremely dangerous and is not a good model for our students.

Thank you so much for your cooperation in keeping all of our students and families safe as well as allowing for our buses to arrive and depart on time.

Dear Franklin Families -  Tails will be wagging! Franklin will be welcoming certified therapy dog visits this year to support students with academic and social/emotional growth. The dogs and their trainers have passed standards of temperament and health, as well as specific training and experience to be certified and welcomed into the schools.  If your child or child's classroom has been identified to be in close contact with the therapy dog, you will receive additional information and a request for parent permission for your child to participate. We understand that there may be some children at Franklin who have allergies or have fear of dogs. Before our visits begin, we want to hear from you if you have any concerns and we will ensure that everyone stays healthy and feels safe. If there are concerns, please contact Sylla Zarov, principal, at  or Cindy Lovell, our school nurse at .
Thank you,
Karin Strickon
Occupational Therapist Franklin Elementary

The main entrance to Franklin is Door #1 facing Lakeside Street, closest to the playground.  All other doors should be locked and shut during the day.  Please enter at Door #1, then press the  buzzer to the office for entrance.  All students coming/going for appointments and tardy students need to be checked in/out in the office.  Thank you for help keeping our building safe and secure!


With the school year just beginning, we want to remind you that everyone should have two emergency contacts listed in Infinite Campus.  If you do not or need to change them, you can do so at the office or just email us at

Please note: If you need to inform school about a change of plans in your child's transportation for the same day, it is crucial that you call the office, 204-2292 and talk to someone in person about this change. Our teachers do not always have the opportunity to check their email during the school day.  


A school crossing guard is located at the corner of Lakeside and Rowell Street from 7:00-8:00 a.m. and afternoons M 12:50-1:50 and T-F 2:25-3:25.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Madison Police Department Crossing Guard Section at 266-4703.

We have a new crossing guard this year - stop by and say "Hi" to Jeanne Schneider !

Specials Sunday will be November 4 from 1:00-4:00p.m.  Mark your calendars!

Please welcome the nurse assistant at Sara Campbell!   She helps students who are ill or injured.  Nurse Lovell splits her time between Franklin and Randall; she is at Franklin on Mondays and Thursdays.  Nurse Lovell can help families with getting glasses, dental care, insurance, and more.   Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions. 
Sara Campbell: 204-2313
Nurse Lovell: 608-204-2301

Please follow this link to Franklin/Randall Safety and Security document.

Here at Franklin
Ntawm Franklin nov
Aquí en Franklin

All are welcome
Muaj kev tos txais txhua leej
Todos son bienvenidos

All are safe
Sawv daws muaj kev nyab xeeb
Todos están seguros

All are loved
Sawv daws muaj kev hlub  
Todos son queridos

This year our new staff members are:

Sara Campbell - Nurse Assistant
Shawn Doherty - Special Ed Assistant
Emily Elmore - 2nd grade Teacher

Heidi Fischer - 4K PM Teacher
Jason Handel - Custodian
Genevieve Imhoff - Advanced Learning
Brenna Jimenez - PE Teacher
Becca Johnson - Kindergarten Teacher


Welcome to the Franklin Library! You can access the Franklin Library page here! 

Grades K-2:
7:45am to 1:05pm 
Tuesday through Friday 
7:45am to 2:42pm 
Supervision on the playground begins at 7:30 a.m.

4K Program:
Tuesday through Friday
Morning, 7:35-10:47 a.m.    
Afternoon, 11:28-2:42 p.m




Grade-level open houses are as follows:

4K - October 9
Kindergarten - October 17 - 6:00pm-7:00pm
1st Grade - October 16 - 6:00pm-7:00pm
2nd Grade - September 27 - 6:00pm-7:00pm
PBS Corner
 At Franklin, we use Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) to guide our Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  
As part of PBIS, we always start the year by teaching students the Franklin Five, which are our school-wide expectations. The Franklin Five are: Be Kind, Be Safe, Use Your Words, Show Respect, and Follow Directions.  We show what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to practice the Franklin Five all around school.   The Franklin Five are also known as the Franklin Peacemaker Rules.  You may hear your student singing songs about the Franklin Five or Peacemaker Rules that they learned in music class over the next few weeks.  We will celebrate learning the Franklin Five in all locations around our school later this month at our first All School Assembly.   To kick-start our SEL, we also teach a curriculum called the Zones of Regulation in all classrooms.  The Zones of Regulation is a program that teaches kids to identify feelings, as well as strategies (or "tools") to use when they want to change their emotional state.  Ask your student over the next few weeks what it means to be in the Blue, Green, Yellow, or Red Zone.  

Every year we need to have all school volunteers (lunchroom, playground, field trip chaperones, and classroom) fill out a Volunteer Disclosure Form.

Please pick one up in the office.

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2018-19 School Year Calendar

Attached you will find a link to the 2018-19 School Year Calendar.

Check us out @mmsdfranklin
Franklin Elementary - 305 W. Lakeside Street, Madison, WI  53715-3024 - 608.204-2292