Franklin Housing Redevelopment Project Supports Economic Development

Older homes in downtown Franklin are being rehabilitated as part of a city project to turn them into desirable properties, making the area more attractive to new companies and employees. Read about this effort by the Franklin Development Corp. to support economic development by incentivizing the revitalization program.

Duke Energy Foundation Supports Mental Health Resources and Services for Johnson County with $10,000 Grant

Duke Energy Foundation is contributing a $10,000 grant to the Johnson County Community Foundation to kick-start a sustainable, long-term community program to fund mental health services, support, and counseling for local residents. Learn more, including where you can give, here.

Engaging Remote Employees with Learning

Employees and employers have found many positive aspects to remote working, but one downside can be employee engagement. Learning and development efforts can be used to reengage remote employees. Tilson HR provides insights on how to make online trainings engaging and beneficial for all.

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Aspire Weekly Member Highlights
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Fireside Chat with
Congressman Greg Pence

U.S Representative Greg Pence represents Indiana's 6th District, where he lives with his wife Denise in Columbus. He is a proud husband, father, grandfather, Marine officer and small businessman who will ensure Indiana’s 6th District continues its strong tradition of leadership in Congress.

Thursday, August 25th
11:30am - 1:00pm
Valle Vista Golf & Conference Center

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Member Expert Article: Protect Your Investment While Enjoying the Ride
By: Dave Barnett, owner, My Baby Detailing and Christian Brothers Automotive

Never has the combination of runaway inflation and supply shortages caused the price of automobiles and light trucks, new and used, to skyrocket like it has in recent months. The good news from this situation is that the value of your current vehicle(s) has almost certainly increased (an unprecedented benefit of car ownership).

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