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Volunteers Needed, Please! 

Tuesday-Thursday 6pm-9 pm: building/painting at 1701 N. Franklin St.

Friday 6pm-9 pm: street clean up/painting

Saturday 7am-10 am: vendor set up

Saturday 10 am-1 pm: media booth, vendor assistance

Saturday 1 pm-4 pm: vendor assistance, break down, clean up

Saturday 4 pm-7 pm: final clean up, transportation of items back to donors


If you are available for any of these shifts please let Lindsay know at LindsayPSeel@gmail.com or call 727-641-5233.

Items Needed:


If you are able to lend or donate any of the following items, please let Lindsay know at LindsayPSeel@gmail.com or call 727-641-5233


Items will be picked up by Brian or Lindsay Seel on Tuesday or Wednesday evening. If a specific time is required, please call Lindsay.


2 generators (1 6,500W generator is needed)

Concrete Saw

2 cheap chess boards

2 cheap checkers boards

Extendable paint rollers

10 4x8 sheets of plywood

8 4x4 in 8 foot pieces

24 2x4 in 8 foot pieces

Hanging planters & potting soil

Party crepe paper rolls

Plastic table clothes-any size

White paint

Chalkboard Paint

5 gallon buckets

4 foot wooden stakes

Silt Fencing or Orange Mesh construction fencing

Large Trash bags

Orange Cones

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