The Franklin Towers HOA Newsletter

October 2022

Welcome to our first newsletter!

Here is the debut issue of the Franklin Towers newsletter, to be issued regularly by the HOA Board of the Franklin Towers condominiums. Our aim is to let residents and owners know about all the exciting (and not-so-exciting) things happening at the Franklin Towers.

And don't forget:

The October HOA meeting is this Thursday, October 27th, 2022 at 7pm in the Club House; the upcoming Annual Meeting will be held on November 17th, at which time we'll elect FOUR new Board members.

Elevator Update

The good news: recently our cables passed inspection, and thus we have some time before we have to replace any of them (a pricey job that will have the affected unit out of commission for about a week).

The bad news: during a recent move-out, the resident had left unsupervised movers working after hours. They forced the elevator doors to stay open, breaking the auto-close mechanism, causing an expensive repair and putting the unit out of operation for several days. The resident will be held responsible for the cost of the repairs, but this incident serves as a pointed reminder: Do not hold the elevator doors open with your hand, and DEFINITELY don't use any foreign objects to force them open!

A building

Major Project Ahead

Every ten years or so, our building needs to be re-sealed and painted, and we're due to have the work done in 3rd quarter 2023. While less invasive than the Fire Alarm project, this is a big, expensive job, with a  projected cost of $600,00. Each owner's share, based upon the size of their unit, will run between roughly $2,500 and $4,500, and we have to start planning NOW. But, how would you prefer to pay your share of this project? All at once, or in smaller payments divided up over the course of a year (or even a bit longer)? Please answer the poll, below!

Building Link is coming! This is an online/mobile tool created specifically for multi-unit building dwellers to help with package notifications, maintenance reports/records, view and post classified ads, reserve amenities, and generally enhance communication.

Staff training starts in November, with a projected operation date of December 1, 2022. Keep an eye out for more details soon!

Heads up:

There will be no building Christmas Party this year,

due to the recent (and upcoming) Covid surge.

Hallway Update

It's no secret that the Fire Alarm Project has taken way, way longer than anybody thought it would (or wanted it to). The reasons are many: staff shortages, City inspection delays, reluctant residents (who wouldn't let workers into their units), added interior partition walls, and of course the ubiquitous "supply chain issues."

So let's review, and update:

The project encompasses three required Capital Improvements: Updating the building’s nearly sixty year old antiquated Fire Alarm System, installing a Digital Antenna Radio System (DAS) which provides communication capability for Fire Dept emergency responders, and the installation of new hallway lighting to meet City of L.A. Title 24 lighting requirements. 

To accomplish these three projects in combination requires access to all building hallways, stairwells, and access to every resident's unit, plus opening hallway ceilings and installing equipment on the building’s rooftop & subterranean garages. This multi-project undertaking has been extremely challenging and follows a two year Covid Pandemic which created significant supply chain shortages for needed parts and materials. 

Still, much progress has been made. Currently 75% of the Fire Alarm portion of the project is completed despite changes required by both the City and the Fire Dept. Progress with the DAS portion of the project has gone more smoothly and is 80% complete. Lastly, the hallway lighting portion of the project is 75% completed. 

But, you're likely asking, when can the hallway ceilings be closed? The answer is unfortunately not until the Fire Alarm System is fully tested and passes final inspections by both the City and Fire Dept. The current overall project completion date is January of 2023.

Friendly reminder:

The gym is now open from 6am until 11pm.


Rule Revision:

Residents may now walk their pets  through the lobby. But please cautiously avoid entering an elevator in which another pet is riding.

If you see a problem, or if you have an issue you need to report, 

please visit or call the front desk!

Front Desk

Phone: 323-876-6000

To email the Board via this Newsletter

Important Poll!

How would you prefer to pay for a major project like the painting of the building?
A -- All at once (single lump sum)
B -- Installment plan (divided up into 12-18 months)