Fraudulent Events: Be Aware!
We have been notified of fraudulent ACH debit entries issued on ServisFirst Bank .

ServisFirst Bank, Birmingham, Alabama (062006505), has issued hundreds of suspected fraudulent ACH debit entries, originating under the following company names and company IDs:

  1. CO NAME: ENDLESS • ID: 831658293E • Amount $379.00
  2. CO NAME: J&JCREDIT • ID: 831658293J • Amount $229.00  
  3. CO NAME: IDEALPROD • ID: 831658293I • Amount $249.00
Be On the Lookout
Please be on the lookout for any of these fraudulent debit entries. If you have the ability to create a query to identify if your financial institution received any of these entries, you may want to do so. If you did receive any of these, you will want to return these entries with a return code of R10 and make sure to have a Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit form signed by the customer/member.