Baby Blue

Many of you may not be aware of our YouTube site that offers you over 3 dozen free video messages!
To access our "You Tube Channel" go to our website …
> Scroll down the home page to Free Videos
> Click on the You Tube Button
> That takes you to our You Tube home page
> Click on the Video Tab to take you inside to view all the messages.
Some of Jim’s videos
-      “Returning to God”
-      “Simplify, Prioritize & Cultivate”
-      “I was a Man Managed Man”
-      “Stagnant, Anesthetized & Robotic”
-      “The Idol of Religion”
-      “Love Without an IF”
-      “Why Country Living-Our Story”
Some of Sally’s videos
    - “God with Us is that Enough”
    - “Overcoming Appetite”
    - “Focused on Her”
    -  “My Will How to Exercise It“
    -  “Possessing the Land”
    -  “The Mary Principle”
    -  “Shy Sally”
May God teach you in a short period time what has taken us a long time to understand and incorporate!!!

Mighty Blessings,
Jim & Sally
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