Put an end to bullying and cyberbullying at your school or homeschool with a free copy of the scientifically-tested instructional guide "The Anti-Bullying Forgiveness Program" developed by Dr. Robert Enright, co-founder of the acclaimed International Forgiveness Institute.
This program is for children in grades 4 through 9 (ages 9-14) and is intended for use with those who are showing bullying behavior. That behavior does not occur in a vacuum, but typically results from deep inner rage generated by others in their family, school, or neighborhood who have deeply hurt them.

Because of that, Dr. Enright contends that bullying starts from within, as anger, and comes out as displaced anger onto the victim. His Forgiveness Program targets that anger and then reduces it, thus reducing or eliminating the displaced anger which comes out as bullying.
The Anti-Bullying Forgiveness Program includes 8 lessons, each taking from 30 to 60 minutes. All of the material needed to teach those lessons is included with the guide; there are no other textbooks or materials to purchase. T his program is an invaluable tool for school counselors, social workers, teachers, and homeschooling parents.

To order the Anti-Bullying Program, email your request to the IFI Director at  Indicate whether you would like the Standard or Christian version. You will be sent a link to the IFI's document storage area where you can download the complete program.
Learn the Disturbing Facts about Bullying
While some adults have a tendency to ignore bullying and to write it off as a normal part of life that all kids go through, bullying is a real problem with serious consequences. Learn more about this growing problem from a newly-posted fact sheet on the IFI website that includes:

  • National statistics on bullying;
  • The relationship between bullying and suicide;
  • Anti-bullying laws and regulations for each of the 50 states;
  • New research: The life-long effects of childhood bullying.
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