Foodservice pros drain canned pears before serving. But, how many save the juice for other purposes? A #10 can of Pacific Northwest Canned Pears has tremendous culinary potential, and chefs can use the juice (5 cups!) to enhance a range of delicious recipes. Take Pear and Sweet Potato Red Thai Curry, a spicy, sweetly subtle dish. The juice adds a fruity note to the curry sauce. In Oatmeal and Pear Pudding Brûlée, the juice boosts the complexity of the pudding base.

Five tips to save the juice and get creative to optimize your canned pear purchases!
  1. Vinaigrette - Blend pear juice with vegetable oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and spices. Pear, Winter Squash and Wheat Berry Salad
  2. Marinades and pastes - Stir pear juice into an Asian BBQ paste and marinade. Asian Pear BBQ Pork
  3. Sauces, Salsas and Soups - Perk up classic and ethnic flavors with a fruity finish. Pear and Pepper Quesadilla with Pear Salsa
  4. Condiments - Make sensational pear mustard with a flick of the wrist. Grilled Pear Cubano
  5. Baking liquids and custards - Add pear flavor to baked popular goods and tender custards. Pear-Cran-Bran Muffins   
Support reading in the lunchroom, classroom and library with these colorful bookmarks that highlight canned pears as a natural source of energy for students. They're FREE! Click here to fill out our Contact Form. Be sure to include the name of your school district and please include the total number of schools in the Message section. 
Celebrate National School Breakfast Week, March 6-10, and "Take the School Breakfast Challenge" to start every morning with a healthy breakfast.

Boost fruit intake and encourage clean plates with USA-grown canned pears-a readily available, recipe-ready ingredient that kids like. Easy for you to prep and serve and easy for kids to eat, canned pears lower labor and food waste in the kitchen and the lunchroom. Use canned pears to transform pizza dough into these grab-and-go Sausage & Pears Breakfast Rolls and the easy-to-assemble
Pear and Greek Yogurt Parfait.

Northwest Bartlett pear growers and canners proudly produce an annual supply of top quality USA-grown canned pears expressly for school foodservice programs. In fact, an abundance of Pacific Northwest canned pears is available in the marketplace now! Contact us with questions, and stop by our booth at these school nutrition conferences to learn more and take advantage of contests and  drawings!

Georgia School Nutrition Association, April 20-22
Ohio School Nutrition Association, June 13-16
Texas Association for School Nutrition, June 18-21