Free CE Webinars - June 2020
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Ethics - Rules of
the Road
June 2nd
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Plenty of problems can arise in terms of ethics and legality in today's marketplace. With the right procedures and documentation, you can protect yourself, and prevent unethical behavior and E&O claims.

There are "rules of the road" to follow with an insurance relationship between agent and client.

Agents have certain legal and ethical responsibilities - make sure you are aware of them!

3 Ethics CEUs available
Hour 1 - Legal Responsibilities and Agent Duties

Hour 2 - Agent Responsibilities to the Client and to Insurance Companies

Hour 3 - Insurance Transactions - Doing It Right
Business v. Personal Auto Policy Conflicts
June 3rd
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Coverage under the Personal Auto Policy (PAP) and the Business Auto Policy (BAP) may have some similarities, but they are quite different. There are also coverage issues related to liability gaps or overlaps depending on different policies for one company.
  • How should these different policies be distinguished from one another?
  • What are other things to consider when insuring automobiles for companies and individuals?
3 PC CEUs available
Hour 1 - Personal Auto Policy Coverage Review

Hour 2 - More on Personal Auto v. Commercial Auto Coverages

Hour 3 - Commercial Auto Liability, Exclusions & Conditions
Your Instructor:
Keith Wilts
  • Founder of Professional Training Associates

  • Renowned Insurance Expert
8231 Northwoods Drive, Suite B, Lincoln, NE 68505