Best Free Carfax Alternatives to Download Online

Knowing the history of a car you are planning to purchase is essential, especially if it is second-hand or used. These things could be like whether it has been in a mishap, the number of miles it has, and many others. Finding out these essential things before you purchase can save you time, money, and stress. That is why many people turn to Carfax. However, this service is very costly. That is why we are happy to bring you the best free Carfax alternatives online.

Getting to Know More About Carfax

Carfax is a reliable and trustworthy platform that records vital information about cars, including the owners, service mileage, and accidents, to help you buy with confidence. Carfax assists you look for second-hand autos for sale based on the history information collected from thousands of data sources.

Many people depend on the reports of Carfax every day to assist them in choosing whether or not to purchase a second-hand car. Every report has information about whether the auto you are planning to buy is involved in an accident, has open recalls, service history, previous owners, and a whole lot more.

Best Free Carfax Alternative
Where to Download Free VIN Check Reports?


VINCheck is one of the best free services online and sourced their information via the National Insurance Crime Bureau to keep buyers safe and sound from purchasing a non-recovered, stolen, or salvaged car. You’ll need the Vehicle Identification Number of the vehicle you wish to check, and you can perform up to five searches every 24 hours from a similar IP address.


This is another reliable Carfax alternative that has been offering free car history reports. All you need to do is enter the car’s VIN, and you will see information and title transfer when the vehicle was sold or bought. So, what does Carfax show? VehicleHistory can give you vital information regarding your car, which takes account of:

  • Title History (flood, rebuilt, restored, salvage, or clear)
  • If the auto was a rental vehicle or lease
  • Accidents
  • Maintenance background when the service provider reported it

It is always advisable to run a background report to know the main title problems. On the other hand, bear in mind that even problems can be missed or neglected by this history report. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to carry out a pre-sale assessment of autos, planning to buy or purchase.

Driving Tests

This is also one of the best free alternatives to the Carfax report. Unlike other websites out there in this classification, Driving Tests provides VIN decoders and looks up without spending any amount. You can get all the details and reports you want without spending a dime. It’s a very straightforward and simple website that will request a vehicle identification number and look for it. When searching for the result, you’ll get a three-dimensional picture of the auto, the official date of the car from NHTSA, the most current recalls as well as most recent complaints of the automobile.

All the information you will get comes from the government’s official database. The complaints aren’t specific to which particular car, but the one who one similar model. On the other hand, considering it’s a free platform, it’s offering more data than it should, so you can’t complain. This platform mainly provides free state DMV practice examinations to boost the chance of passing one and acquiring a driving license.
Free Vehicle History Reports Online

These were the best free Carfax alternatives that can help you get the information needed. To know what works best for you, it is strongly advised to go in some consumer feedback and reviews and reliable and trusted car history partners. Therefore, the next time you’re browsing Craiglist or on a site dedicated to providing a used car, ask the seller for a vehicle identification number and utilize any of the free platforms mentioned above to avoid a future issue related to purchasing a second-hand or used autos. These platforms are more than willing to answer all your queries and questions about car history reports. This saves you headache, pressure and avoids wasting your money and time as well.
Free Carfax Alternatives Online
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