FREE Cloth Mask for PMAG Physicians
Aloha PMAG Physicians,

We are able to secure some cloth masks for PMAG members from various sources, including, our families and friends, Mask4HI, and other PMAG physicians who just want to share aloha.

One of our PMAG members, Dr. Carlton Yuen of Aloha Vision Consultants , has graciously donated nearly 400 cloth masks to PMAG physicians. Dr. Yuen’s mom is a professional seamstress and is making more cloth masks for PMAG with love.
Carlton Yuen, MD, Ophthalmologist
The masks are made with 100% cotton, and are washable and reusable. These masks are not medical grade and won’t protect you like the N95 masks. However, you can use the cloth masks for personal time and save your surgical masks or N95 for work only. This can help stretch your inventory of medical grade masks.

The more cloth masks you have, the less you need to worry about washing them daily. We hope this effort helps reduce some stress for our physicians and their care teams.
If you would like to receive some cloth masks from Dr. Carlton Yuen and/or other volunteers in Hawaii, please submit your request here . Maximum 10 per physician, as supplies are available. PMAG will arrange for mailing, delivery, or pick up.

If you have recently requested for cloth masks, we have your order coming from Dr. Yuen and/or other volunteers. You will not need to submit a request again. Thank you.

For more information, please email me at . Thank you.


Maggie Martinson
PQH Director of Practice Development