May 18, 2017

Director's Letter 

When I first learned about the sun and vitamin D, I did a test to see how much skin I would need to expose to get enough sun between 10-2 pm during the summer months in San Diego.  The results were stunning!  I would need to expose essentially all of my body (bikini) for 25 minutes each day to get enough sun for me!  I laughed and thought, well I guess I'll be a key supplement user.

Please take the opportunity to use these newsletters as a tool to make others aware. Maybe you can let your child go to school without sunscreen. Maybe you can encourage a shut-in neighbor to go outside mid-day and get some sun. Maybe you can make a bet with a friend, over who has the higher vitamin D level. 

Let your friends know, if they think they get enough sun, or enough vitamin D from food - there is almost no risk! They can test their vitamin D level with D*action, pay when ordering, and if they are within the recommended range (40-60 ng/ml, 100-150 nmol/L), then they will receive a refund. Please see the details on our order page

Last week we discussed skin type, this week - UV index. How are you doing? Are you acclimatizing to the sun before summer starts? Getting regular, non-burning sun?


Carole Baggerly 
Director, GrassrootsHealth 
Moving Research into Practice NOW!
  Paper/Seminar Review Vitamin D and Sunlight for Public Health

Why is vitamin D important? What diseases have been shown to benefit from higher vitamin D levels? Why? Are there other benefits to sunlight besides vitamin D? (yes!) What would 14 researchers recommend as public health policy towards sun? Read this summary of a paper published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, June 2015.

What is UV Index?

The UV index is the second important factor to determining your time in the sun that we will address. (Skin type was first.) It is the measurement of the strength of the sun's ultraviolet rays and has been adopted by the World Health Organization and most government entities as a mechanism to assess the sun's strength and make recommendations on sun exposure. 
   Paper Review Studying Vitamin D and Skin Damage

We are all scared to be out in the sun unprotected because of the risk of skin cancer. Read this review of a paper that studied 16 individuals, giving them each sun three times a week for six weeks. The study measured vitamin D level and also markers for skin cancer development. What did they find?  
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We forget that the sun is more than natural vitamin D production in our skin. The sun is a symphony of light that effect our whole body, without it we perish. Research has shown the further we move away from the equator the higher our risks for diseases.

Bio-Tech Pharmacal

Bio-Tech Pharmacal has been providing quality nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) for over 32 years! Its products are trusted by over 100 research affiliations (including Mayo, Emory, Cleveland Clinic, Rutgers). They introduced many innovative products including D3-50,000 IU available in a water soluble delivery form. Many different strengths of vitamin D are available, with or without important co-factors. They are a cGMP/FDA registered facility and some products are Kosher/Halal certified.  
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Solar D

Solar D sunscreen is designed with compositions that optimize sunlight filtering for vitamin D while helping prevent sunburn. Solar D comes in 3 forms - SPF 30, 50, and kids. Solar D has no parabens, PABA, oxybenzone, nanoparticles, gluten, or animal testing. It is fragrance-free, paraben-free, and sensitivity-free. Find out more and stock up for spring at their  web store
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Sunlight and Vitamin D: Necessary for Public Health
A GrassrootsHealth Paper
Published in Journal of American College Nutrition
June 22, 2015
  Read Paper

Concurrent beneficial (vitamin D production) and hazardous (cutaneous DNA damage) impact of repeated low-level summer sunlight exposures
S J Felton et al.
British Journal of Dermatology
December 2016

What Amount of Sun is Right for You?

A Brief History of Early Sun Therapy

Sunlight Infographic
Download and Share

Skin Cancer vs. Sunscreen - The Dilemma
Read Blog

Skin Type Matters

Health Benefits of Sun

GrassrootsHealth Dermatologists Survey
June 2015

Seasonal Effect on Vitamin D Deficiency
Chart and Research Synopsis
May 2017

Fitzpatrick Skin Type
A scale used by dermatologists to identify skin colors

Sunny Hippocrates
Cartoon about sun exposure
May 2016

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