May 11, 2017

Director's Letter 

Free D*action Membership During Sunshine Month

This Sunshine Month, we wanted to provide a special incentive and reward to new people to become more knowledgeable about their vitamin D levels. If you're new to D*action, and with your test it shows that your level is already in the 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L) range, we will offer you a refund and, special congratulations! Click here.

Harness the Power of the Sun for Health 

Do you know why we chose the word 'harness'? The definition of harness is to bring under conditions for effective use, to gain control over for a particular end. That is what we aim to help you do with the sun - to harness its power for your health.

We are aware that the US Surgeon General and the CDC recommends zero unprotected (by sunscreen, clothing, or shade) sun exposure. In fact, on April Fool's day, 2016 Dr. Mercola did a piece entitled, "US Rolls Out New National Skin Cancer Prevention Plan," which proposed a sign be erected at the exit of every government building. Did you fall for this joke? 

From time to time, we find ourselves in situations where we have to make a true 'value' based decision--not just convenience or preference. Sometimes, the decision actually pushes so hard that it makes us aware it's about living up to our personal values. I have not had too many of these in my life where there was someone else directing my actions, impacting my values.

When I was undergoing chemo for my breast cancer in 2007, the treatment created such pain that I came to the conclusion that it was totally 'wrong' for my body. It was an attack. It was violence against my body. I realized my body was mine to protect and, I chose to do so. I told the oncologist that I would not take any more of the drug because it had the potential for such long term negative side effects. He literally left the room and would not talk with me. So many lessons here. I am proud today of the choice I made then, I did what I believed in whether or not some 'authority' did.

I think we have the same choice now about sunshine. There is too much purposeful fear that I see about skin cancer and, the proposed solution of staying out of the sun may help, but we need a BALANCE. We need to remember not to burn, that causes unnecessary damage, but non-burning sun exposure has many benefits. We will be presenting some information for each of you to use to make your own decisions, to fit with your values for health. Let us know how it works for you!

Today, to help illustrate the need for evaluating benefits and risk we are profiling Dr. Richard Weller who has succinctly explained why sun is good for overall health, even with the risk it poses for skin cancer.

In addition we are explaining the first key to understanding sensible sun exposure - skin type. Please share with all, as this seems to be one of the most misunderstood pieces about sun exposure, mostly due to the blanket recommendations of government entities.


Carole Baggerly 
Director, GrassrootsHealth 
Moving Research into Practice NOW!
  Could the Sun Be Good for Your Heart?

While sunlight IS the key factor to skin cancer, the chance of death by heart disease is far more likely than the chance of death from skin cancer. We need to weigh the risks and benefits of healthy sun exposure - it is not an all or nothing proposition. Watch a TED talk from Richard Weller in which he explains his research on sunlight and heart disease. 

   Skin Cancer vs. Sunscreen
The Dilemma

You are a mother of children, all you hear from your doctor is - sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! But is it that easy? Will not putting sunscreen on your children shorten their life spans or lengthen them? Listen to this researcher explain why he thinks healthy sun (with no sunscreen) is good for your health.
   Skin Type Matters

There are three primary factors to consider for healthy sun exposure - skin type, UV strength, and duration. This article discusses skin type. Why does that have an effect on burning? How long can you stay in the sun if you are a certain skin type? What steps should you take to identify your time in the sun?
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We forget that the sun is more than natural vitamin D production in our skin. The sun is a symphony of light that effect our whole body, without it we perish. Research has shown the further we move away from the equator the higher our risks for diseases.

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Could the Sun be Good for Your Heart?
Richard B. Weller
University of Edinburgh
MRC Centre for Inflammation Research
Read Associated Paper

Skin Cancer vs. Sunscreen - The Dilemma
Edward Gorham, MPH, PhD
UCSD School of Medicine
February 2009
Watch video and earn CME

Fitzpatrick Skin Type
A scale used by dermatologists to identify skin colors

What Amount of Sun is Right for You?

A Brief History of Early Sun Therapy

Sunlight Infographic
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GrassrootsHealth Dermatologists Survey
June 2015

Seasonal Effect on Vitamin D Deficiency
Chart and Research Synopsis
May 2017

Sunny Hippocrates
Cartoon about sun exposure
May 2016

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