eBrief April 27, 2018
Learn How to Make a Difference:
Free Domestic Violence CLE
Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham and the YWCA will be hosting a domestic violence legal training from  11:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 17 , at the Birmingham Bar Center. Kirk Drennan Law is sponsoring the free lunch. The purpose of this training is to teach attorneys about domestic violence and to encourage attorneys to provide pro bono representation to domestic violence survivors. 
We are honored to have speakers Courtney Cross , Director of the Domestic Violence Clinic at University of Alabama, and Annetta Nunn , YWCA Community Outreach Coordinator, who have great experience in training and educating attorneys on the issues of domestic violence. The CLE is worth 2 credit hours and is free to attorneys who have volunteered or are interested in volunteering. Please register with Lisa Florence at  lflorence@ywcabham.org .
Domestic Violence CLE 517
Attorneys Needed
Client Needs Help
Mentally abused woman needs help through her divorce from her spouse that is incarcerated for sexual abuse of a 13-year-old family member. I Can Help.
Physically abused woman who was beaten several weeks ago by spouse needs help through a divorce from her one month old marriage. Spouse charged with domestic violence strangulation. Should be an easy case for an attorney new to Domestic Relations. The BBVLP is here to assist you!  I Can Help.
Thank You to Our Volunteer Lawyers
Thank you to the following attorneys who successfully closed their extended representation cases with Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham.
Attorney Jim McLaughlin (Maynard) helped a 70-year-old grandmother adopt her 13-year-old granddaughter. The child’s mother came to the Help Desk and is in full support as she has three other kids and could not afford to take care of all four children. The father lives in Germany and does not pay any child support. Grandmother is so thankful for the services provided.
Attorney Jacqueline Morrette helped a woman who was separated for six years move on with her life. The woman's spouse was in jail for drug trafficking . “Ms. Morrette was great!” the client said.
Jacqueline Morrette
Attorney Jaley Norwood (YWCA) helped a domestic violence victim receive half of her husband’s retirement benefits. The client stated, "Ms. Norwood was wonderful! Thank you guys for all of your help.”
Attorney Dianne Paris helped a disabled man through the divorce process from his long term marriage. “Everything went great,” the client stated.
Thank You to Our Help Desk Volunteers

Thank You Domestic Relations Help Desk Attorneys
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at the Domestic Relations Help Desk: Abby Van Alstyne (Quinn Connor Weaver), Victoria Charles (Shunnarah Injury Attorneys), Emily Vande Lune (Bressler) (pictured), Alan Garner, Melinda Guillaume , Lashanda Willis , and Heather Ward (Maynard).
Emily Vande Lune

Thank You Civil Help Desk Attorneys
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at the Civil Help Desk: Rosemary Alexander (Shunnarah Injury Attorneys), Honza Prchal  (Heninger Garrison), Julie Goyer , Alvin Hines (pictured), Glenn Mazer , Darrell Tucker (Bradley), and Donnie Winningham (Bressler).
Alvin Hines
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