6000 sits ups in ten minutes?

Yes, you can with a free trial session on the EMSculpt Bus!
One day only in Marin!

Saturday August 7, 1-4pm

265 Magnolia Avenue, Downtown Larkspur

Limited appointments available for trials!
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Plus, you’re invited to join us, no appointment needed:

• Q&A with treatment and product reps

• Raffle

• Tours of our medical spa

• Event-only discounts

• Product sale

• Nibbles and beverages


A ten-minute trial session on the EMSculpt Bus allows you to experience the unusual sensation of your abdominal muscles being triggered hundreds of times per minute. Each contraction builds muscle fibers and causes a five-times increase to your metabolism—burning fat in the treatment area.

It’s not just about looking lean and feeling strong. Toned muscles help heal wounds, boost immunity and organ function, and keep us balanced, preventing injury and spine problems. EMSculpt is FDA-cleared to treat your abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs.
182 Gough Street
Hayes Valley

265 Magnolia Avenue 201
Downtown Larkspur

Medically supervised by board-certified plastic surgeon
Founded by Linda Behla, R.N., Director of Esthetic Nursing
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