We apologize we couldn't get this information to you yesterday, as Constant Contact was having technical issues and we weren't able to send the email.
Free Face Masks for Businesses; Chamber to Distribute
Pick Up Next Wednesday 7/29, 9 am - 4pm
The Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED) and the Governor will be sending 4 million masks to all Chambers statewide next week. They clearly stated that the masks are for businesses who primarily face the public. The masks are intended for customers and clients who come to your business and forgot their mask. The Apple Valley Chamber will be distributing to any Apple Valley business (both members and non-members) next Wednesday. See details below. Our Chamber was given 24,000 total masks. We will be giving every business a minimum of 200 masks which are pre-packaged. We will use our discretion for larger quantities for businesses that have higher levels of customer-facing interactions.

The Governor is trying to make the new mask EO easier for businesses in that fewer customers are turned away for not having a mask.

  • Date: NEXT WEDNESDAY July 29th
  • Time: 9 am - 4 pm (or until we run out).
  • Location: 14800 Galaxie Ave - Apple Valley, MN at the Old Eagle Valley Bank Drive-Thru (photo below)
  • How: Drive up in your vehicle, let us know how many masks you need and we will load them for you. No need to get out of your vehicle. Please wear a facemask during pickup.

These are for ALL Apple Valley businesses, both members and non-members. Spread the word to your business neighbors.
City of Apple Valley Approves $400k For Small Business Grants of $10k
Breaking News from Last Night
We spoke at City Council last night who had on their agenda consideration for small business loans. We are thrilled for our businesses that Mayor Mary and the entire City Council had a spirited discussion and approved Phase 1 of helping Apple Valley businesses with 25 employees (or full time equivalent) or less. Mayor Mary spoke very highly of our Chamber and the business community. Everyone agreed but they stated they created a subcommittee to discuss doing more and maybe even going up to a million. We will keep you posted as to if more money is later added and/or other forms of assisting our small businesses are created as well as when and how to apply. 

Other cities who also received CARES ACT federal money on our border just approved similar amounts. Apple Valley received $4,000,025 for COVID related relief for all aspects of the city including business grants. Burnsville on Monday approved $1 million and $20,000 small business grants and Lakeville last week approved $10K grants from a total pool of $484,000 and close to Apple Valley’s action last night. Burnsville separately approved a block grant of $50,000 for their Chamber, $50,000 for their CVB and $50,000 for 360 Communities. Similar assistance was discussed last night with our Mayor and City Council approving $10,000 for our Chamber in light of us having to last week cancelling our planned Sept. 19th outdoor Home & Garden Expo. We are very grateful, especially entering our 50th Anniversary as a Chamber in a few months.
SIDE NOTE: Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber May Close
To highlight the need for revenue for Chambers and other non-profits, the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber sent out a notice that they are asking for donations and if they do not receive $130,000 by July 31st, they will close permanently. We are luckily in much better financial shape than that and again we are grateful to our Mayor and City Council for fighting hard for both the Chamber and grants to our invaluable small businesses.
Famous Dave's Installs New Signs
Other Updates to Come
We spoke with Matt, the GM of Famous Dave’s in Apple Valley and he said the new signs are LED to replace the old neon red neon signs. They also are planning to change the exterior walls to more of a barn-door look very soon which will really improve the exterior look. They also are back to a mostly full menu as they kept a limited menu during the height of the COVID Crisis when take out was king.
Apple Valley Office Center Gets a Facelift
The "7373 Building"
APPLE VALLEY OFFICE CENTER (Green Building north of Nystrom Building) which many people know refer to as the 7373 building because their address is so prominent is currently refacing their exterior. We will show photos when completed. Thank you for reinvesting into Apple Valley.
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