AWARENESS ACROSS THE WORLD! the film, your family, your voice, READ HERE this Final Week
PANDAS in Lahaska, PA
PEDDLER's Village!

PARKS FAMILY featurning magnificent Mia! Every year they bring back their favorite "bear crow" to talk to the community! The Parks put this guy together for the scarecrow contest at Peddler's Village in Lahaska PA. There is an info box with pandas/pans info and we usually have to refill it before the contest is over!! Stop by and take a pic with him and post it!!


INFORM EVERY REGION of the U.S. about your child's illness. Attached are step-by-step instructions on writing a letter of inquiry or press release on PANDAS-PANS for your local media outlets. It can be a little intimidating but try it now or at any time - the news media wants to know! Thank you Drs. Patricia Doran and Jan Tona for putting this together for our community.
CA Stanford Univ. Annual Family Fun, Lemo's Farm
Oct 8 - 9am
MN (Big Lake) Annual Family Fun, Lupulin Brewing Co
Oct 8 - Noon
Awareness Map 2017 Congratulations!!

29 U.S. States
3 Canadian Provinces
7 Official Proclamations
9 Annual Resolutions

FREE Film Viewing on Awareness Day A Special Announcement
A BIG THANK YOU! PANS/PANDAS documentary director, Tim Sorel, talks here about a free showing of "My Kid is Not Crazy." This special announcement offers a free downloadable viewing of the film on Monday October 9, 2017- National PANS/PANDAS Day LINK